See that figure up on the top banner on your right? Some people think it looks like a sitting cat, some a man tilting slightly and some say it’s a Buddha. Scientists call it the Mandlebrot Set.
It is the center of a Fractal. The Mandlebrot Set repeats endlessly, in endless varieties of patterns along those nervy looking ends, variety that always ends up with, yes, another Mandlebrot Set that looks exactly like a sitting cat, man tilting or Buddha. This formation of endlessly unique patterns revealing the same core is the essence form of all forms, describing at once Free Will and Determinism, Fate and Will, Reason and Passion, Science and Soul.
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From Canadian Eva Stachniak, icon of Historic Fiction to Neuroscientist Apryl Pooley on her experiences with PTSD and many more, these interviews offer the rare, unique and unusual.
Discussions range from our origin among stars, to the Crispr Cas9 combo that instantly engineers genes, and everything in between. Keep listening as each talk tackles the moral question of science, the Soul in Science.

With Mindfulness as an introductory step, we turn to the other side of the coin: Visualization Meditations. Here we discover what Imagination can do for us when we practice regularly using forms as simple as a single flower.

What do others have to say about their nightly dreams, their struggles and successes? Explore ways to reduce stress, remember night dreams and provide your life with more vibrant health. Start with BREATHING NOW! Within the challenges of your path your Soul waits, quietly, ever patiently, waiting you to turn toward her love.

Journaling, dream diary, daily lists of experience every life has something to tell us. Your story unfolds its own rare and shining pattern and we see again our commonality as humans revealed in the power of the individual’s once and only once life.

The Stain:
A novel about how Collective Karma
and Reincarnation work.

Medicine Buddha/Medicine Mind:
This non fiction work tells of the seam between Visualization,
that popular notion in New Age circles, and Neuroscience.
In simple language and easy to read ideas the book explores how what Neuroscience tells us provides answers to why Visualizations work.

Bliss Pig:
Co-authored with Toronto’s maven of poetry, the elder Linda Stitt brings her inimitable style and wit to combine with my own poetry in this treasured collection.

If you search through the bits above you’ll see they all come back to one place: Love of Language! That’s my Mandlebrot Set.