See that figure up on the top banner on your right? Some people think it looks like a sitting cat, some a man tilting slightly and some say it’s a Buddha. Scientists call it the Mandlebrot Set. 
It is the center of a Fractal. The Mandlebrot Set repeats endlessly, in endless varieties of patterns along those nervy looking ends, variety that always ends up with, yes, another Mandlebrot Set that looks exactly like a sitting cat, man tilting or Buddha. This formation of endlessly unique patterns revealing the same core is the essence form of all forms, describing at once Free Will and Determinism, Fate and Will, Reason and Passion, Science and Soul. I believe this is the essence of LOVE: that force which uniquely creates and recreates all form, all energies with itself, Love, at the center.

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Most of these podcasts reveal the workings of memoirists: why we write our stories, what the process takes and what it reveals. From Lene Fogelberg's best seller My Beautiful Affliction to many names that will become familiar to you, these short interviews offer a glimpse of writers, especially writers writing their own stories. 

So much of our lives now create busyness, endless cycles of activity with not much down time. Learn about the advantages of meditation, the different kinds of meditation and what meditation practice does to help improve your life. 

Blogs on dreams, blogs about dreams, perhaps even dreams about blogs entertain, educate and delight you with information and suggestions about the entrancing world of our nightly dreams. 

The Stain
A novel about how Collective Karma
and Reincarnation work. 

Medicine Buddha/Medicine Mind:
This non fiction work tells of the seam between Visualization,
that popular notion in New Age circles, and Neuroscience.
In simple language and easy to read ideas the book explores how what Neuroscience tells us provides answers to why Visualizations work. 

Writer of the Week: Melissa Dee interviews Me About Medicine Buddha/Medicine Mind 
Jan 2nd  2018

All the way from Norway Melissa Dee video'd this 8 minute interview about Medicine Buddha/Medicine Mind. I talk about how the idea for the book came about, what surprised me in writing it and more.