Lucid Dreams: Purpose and Plan


Nightmares and Daytime Consciousness Different and Same

 The purpose of lucid dreaming resides as much in the content of the dreaming mind as in the sleeping personality. In other words, Dreams are a two way dialogue between the sleeper and the forces of the Depth that paint pictures, evolve images, provide sounds and other sensory data in an experience we call ‘Dreaming.’

      To approach Dreams as though the sleeper herself maintains total control and only occasionally slips out of such remains as dull minded as pretending each of us personally are totally in control of ourselves, our career, our health, our lives with only the odd happenstance out of line.

     In fact it’s the other way around. Through a miniscule amount of control we perceive ourselves to be completely in charge. And therein lies much trouble.
     This force that dreams at night reveals an intelligence and love we barely glimpse in the day world. This is one of the outcomes of deep, consistent dream journaling and reflecting on dreams.

     As a lucid dreamer of some decades I’ve found the start point is the lucidity but from there it’s another level of stability. Let me explain.

     At first many lucid dreams involve the shattering experience of nightmares. So it was with mine.

     What I did within the night dreams paralleled my personal positioning in the day world: I turned toward my assailants and said, “This is MY DREAM and I’m not running from you anymore!” True story! The would be stalkers/attackers dissolved and so did the entire dream. That dream had achieved its purpose.

      In the situation where a person decides to pursue Lucid Dreaming and becomes aware in the dream the next stage is another level of training. That training is mastering the art of making objects in the dream multiply. That is a Dream Yoga task.

     In other words, if you are aware of yourself in a metacognitive manner during the day, you will have more lucid dreams, dreams where you are aware of dreaming at night.

      Aside from being simple common sense, this conclusion follows the basic maxim of neuroscience, “Neurons that fire together, wire together.” Whatever brain pathways you exercise in the daytime replay through the night.

     October 20 2015

Dukkha: Gateway to the Truth

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