Meditation Sesame Street's Best Meditation


Sesame Street's Best Meditation

At the beginning  of the year or of any new adventure our minds look back and cast forward, like Janus, the two headed Roman God of January, who stood the Romans believed,at your home's door, Two headed Janus for the New Year: Looking Back, Searching Forward seeing in both directions.
The door leads to now, this present moment. What lets us go through the door, backwards to the past or forwards in contemplation of the future? Consciousness.
We set out in our lives as a tiny, shaky craft, a boat without a compass, often without even a sense of North or South. How to live? How to make decisions? Is there a right way? What happens when my inner moral compass does not agree with my society's? Learning to Craft Consciousness, A Boat that Floats

We may drift or worse yet, not even get into the water! We see others in their boats, unfurling sails, smiling and even waving as they glide by us, while we sit, staring at the horizon.
What's the difference between them and us? They have learned to Craft Consciousness. And now, thanks to Sesame Street you too can learn how to take the primary power you are born with, Consciousness and turn your boat around!
Let's take Focus, the ability to focus on one thing and in its negative aspect, the unwanted focus on the negative, on hurts and pains. What happens with all that focus? Here's an excerpt from my book
that includes a little scene from Sesame Street taken long ago, yet useful into the future. Janus would like that!

"A lovely tool for considering this switch in focus comes to us from the
children’s program “Sesame Street.” Decades ago as I watched with my
young son, an animated skit came on in which the tv screen filled with the
image of a single insect. In the background voices sang in a lovely lilt,
“That’s about the size, where you put your eyes, that’s about the size of it.”
Some light glimmered my mind into awareness and I paid closer attention.
The next shot was of the insect but included the twig the insect sat
upon with the same little song in the background. Next shot, the insect, twig
and branch, the next included the yard, the insect, twig branch and tree
occupied, then the city block, the town, county, state, country and out to a
shot of the entire planet all the while with the sweet song and its simple
wisdom flowing. Finally the Universes and that’s about the size of it!"

Think about it. Whatever you focus upon, grows. Today, this moment, commit to unfurling the sails in your craft so you may glide by all past hurts and negativity; commit to turning your Consciousness toward
a focus that catches the wind, discovering freedom and release from emotional pain. Focus on the positive!
Try this for one day, today. See how soon your boat glides effortlessly through the currents of today. Tomorrow? Begin again and the next day and the next and the next.
I'll be back soon with more on Crafting Consciousness! Happy New Year to All!

Dec 16 2015 -Meditation on Writer's Writing or Social Media Gabbling

Among the many pulls and tears that regularly sit and then abandon the inner throne where I believe I live, I find recurrent roles by two competing indulgences: I like to believe I am going to go "viral" and be "global" and it's just a matter of sitting here at the magic screen, finding the right gizmos and whatsits and then bam! It (whatever that it is) will all happen.

When that belief occupies the inner state Throne I happily while hours away figuring where else to write, to whom I might send an email or inquiry, what site most needs my attention Right Now! Global Gal wears a map of the Earth and believes it the most elegant wear anywhere.

The other occupant of the Inner Throne enters, knocks Global Gal to the floor and sits quietly, happily assured in her pj's and coffee attitude nothing more is required than to write. She dangles a pen (of all arcane instruments!) from her hand and it drips ink.

The trouble is whenever one commands, the other wilts. I feel doomed that this competition will lead to nothing getting done, at all!

Yet I continue to whittle away one Enshrined belief per moment, hoping that doing both will somehow result in something...somewhere....sometime!

Can you relate? Do your inner conflicts about where to put your energy? Please lend your thoughts...
The twin sides of what is wanted: a Meditation on Conflict