Breast Cancer Healing Visualization Meditation by Namgyal Rinpoche

We all know a woman, a sister, aunt, cousin, mother who walked the road of breast cancer, sometimes finding this life over, sometimes changing directions and continuing a fulfilling life.

Visualization Meditation : A Pond with Water Lilies at the Deva Chakra

Certainly any life and death illness finagles our daily lives into new structure and new meaning. Once we have stared at the truth of impermanence, our perception of life itself radicalizes.

My meditation teacher, the contentious Namgyal Rinpoche aka Lesley George Dawson, pointed his eyes at me during a class in 2002 and said, "A meditation for working with breast cancer involves imagining a pond, or lake with water lilies, or lotuses blooming all through it, at the Deva Chakra." His fingers pointed gently at the centre of his brow.

"Please come back and teach more about breast cancer, Sir."

He was willing, but death took him before he returned to fulfill his interest.

This meditation to increase Breast Health is the essence of simplicity. Breathe and relax, preparing in whatever ways you are familiar with for meditation.

Now establish focus at your third eye, the Deva Chakra. At this place visualize a beautiful pond, or lake with the flowers dotted all through the water's surface.

Note that lotuses have no roots clinging to the bed of the lake but float freely through the currents of warm and cooler water that flow about.

Now, watch. That is, practice this visualization until it feels very familiar, then watch what happens.

You may find your focus shifting to one flower. Follow that. Perhaps the root system hanging below the surface shows some dirt clinging. Clean that. See it cleansing and freeing the flower.
The water may need cleansing: you might establish drinking more clean, pure water in your daily life.
Watch the colours of each flower and notice the vibrancy of those colours: pure and simple, or cloudy. Deepen your breathing, relax your diaphragm more fully to get more oxygen into all parts of your body. Concentrate your focus on oxygen into the upper part of your chest, the breast and lung area.

Water Lilies in Pond at Deva Chakra for Breast Healing

With patience and repetition, you will find the image comes alive, with spontaneous and interesting visuals, even smells, sounds, other senses that enrich your meditation experience providing information about your body.
With each change in the visualization you may ask your deep mind, "How to balance this?"

One friend engaged this meditation just before the anaesthetic took her under and continued practicing with it all through her recovery.

Don't wait. Don't lag until you face a mammography that has to be repeated or the sorry faces of the medical team telling you bad news. Start today with exercise and healthy diet and begin meditation with this important simple and easy exercise.

Never exchange proper medical help and information with meditation! Meditate and follow a path of common sense, using your doctor's expertise and knowledge.

As you relate to this meditation, you change your physical brain, your physical being. According to Namgyal Rinpoche you increase your Breast Health reducing chances of Breast Cancer or its negative outcome.  But you will have at the least helped your body and relaxed your mind. And that's always healthy.

If you would like help with your meditation practice, or with something that arises during this particular meditation please email me
or leave a message below, under Comments.  I am happy to help!

For more on Visualization and its potential to help heal our bodies get my book Medicine Buddha/Medicine Mind available here on this site.

May all beings be well!

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