Neuorscience Indicates Meditation Using Images Encourages Positive Physical Change in Your Brain, Your Attitudes, Your Life! Medicine Buddha/Medicine Mind Free Podcast By Charlene Jones

According to Science your mind has the capacity to Heal. Learn how to grow your mind into Medicine Mind of true healing! Meditation and Neuroscience tumble together and reveal the seam where they meet in this unique work about Visualization Meditation. Literally any image of wholeness provokes positive, measurable change in your brain which leads to improved attitudes and behaviour. 

Psychiatrist Michael Moscowitz healed himself miraculously from unending back pain through Visualization Meditation upon a simple diagram he drew of his brain. This simple action empowered the healing no one else, no drug, no doctor, no therapy enabled. He healed himself!

You make your brain change its shape by whatever you choose to focus upon. Choosing positive images to focus upon promotes health and well being, reducing physical and emotional pain! 

Click Here to listen to the first segment of Medicine Buddha/Medicine Mind read by author Charlene Jones

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