Tibetan Buddhist Vajrayana Meditation Techniques aka Visualization Meditation Strengthens Wholesomeness, offers Free Improvements to Health and Wellbeing: Medicine Buddha/Medicine Mind

In this the third segment of the series Medicine Buddha/Medicine Mind author and podcaster Charlene Jones relates her own horrific experience when she was 16 years old. Told by a Psychiatrist "You ought to be under Doctor's care and in and out of hospitals for the rest of your life" Ms Jones emphasizes her fascinating journey toward health using Tibetan Buddhist Vajrayana Tantra Meditations. This Meditation practice focuses upon figures of Icons while reciting mantras.

As she practiced daily Ms. Jones found herself increasingly at ease. She found her life step by step, day by day, improving as she harnessed the power of these meditations.
She did not know how it was happening but every time she meditated she discovered a feeling of increased peace and well being. After over 45 years of Visualization Meditation, she discovered in Neuroscience the explanation: "Neurons that fire together, wire together."

By practicing Visualization Meditations Ms. Jones had been rewiring her brain away from dwelling on the residue of trauma and its stresses and toward what worked for her in her life.

Discover more about this startling and free technique of healing.

Click HERE  to listen to the third section of Medicine Buddha/Medicine Mind read by author Charlene Jones.

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