Visualization Meditation: Foundation of Health and Improved Lifestyle. Neuroscience indicates How Your Brain Changes for the Better on Visualization Meditation! Medicine Buddha/Medicine Mind by Charlene Jones

In this second segment you hear more about the seam between Neuroscience and Visualization Meditation. 

When you meditate upon images of an uplifting and wholesome nature your brain's physical structure changes! You create new neuronal pathways designed to receive and give fulfillment, contentment, excitement, releasing depression and anxiety, allowing you to express yourself through your life in the most balanced and complete way. 

The experiments of scientists and doctors demonstrate clearly whatever we focus upon has a measurable affect on our physical brains. By understanding "Neurons that fire together, wire together" we cultivate attitudes that uplift. As we do so every day it becomes more and more natural to choose the positive thoughts, speech and actions that lead to a life of fulfillment and contentment. 

Click Here to listen to author Charlene Jones read the second segment of Medicine Buddha/Medicine Mind.

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