Your Life: A Beautiful Fractal

You, the intricate lines, ever expanding, changing; you also the shining centre of the extraordinary Mandelbrot Set emerging like a cat or even a Buddha. How does this work?
Begin with the beauty. Play with fractals as images to reflect upon. Try sitting for less than a minute here just to watch the playful images extend and extend until you see again the Mandelbrot Set.

 "What makes fractals even more interesting is that they are the best existing mathematical descriptions of many natural forms, such as coastlines, mountains or parts of living organisms.:
 according to Fractals: Useful Beauty

This canyon captures the frazzle that endears Fractals and shows how it rises in Naturethis coastline manifests the effects of Fractals in Nature

What you are seeing in nature around you can be described as Fractals, Mandelbrot Set. Why does this matter? Because just as nature has ever provided descriptions and metaphors of our journey in life, Fractals/Mandelbrot Set provide a complete image of Paradox, the newest ancient understanding of human life.

I'll be inviting you to read more about Fractals and Mandelbrot Sets in the weeks to come. I hope you'll enjoy our playful time together, as we expand and explore ever new edges around the oldest centre: love.

  • my book Medicine Buddha/Medicine Mind, a partial memoir, combines Neuroscience with Visualization Meditation to provide responses to How Do Images Create Change in Our Brains? 
  • The Stain a novel about Karma, Reincarnation, the repetitious cycles we repeat (fractals) even as those cycles change toward a more loving centre (Mandelbrot Set) 

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