Meditation on Full Moon

Full Moon aka Wolf Moon, Hunger Moon, Snow Moon Meditation/Contemplation

Today's full moon brings with it a host of possibilities. As the moon transits through the astrological positions of Leo/Virgo opposite the Sun's position in Aquarius/Pisces we may see increased tensions, inner pushes and pulls, increased drive to create. The awareness constellated by such opposition as the full moon harnesses us to whatever inner streams we create.

What this means is watch: watch the inner pushes and pulls, watch the tides of emotions and beliefs and just watch. As you position yourself as a watcher, just as you would if you decided to gaze upon this month's full moon, without grasping at any of those fragmented, temporary coursing energies

Image demonstrates full moon and wolf
you may discover a world of truth.
None of these fleeting thoughts, emotions, moods, whims and fantasies have the power to construct your life, unless you admit them, cling to them, empower them.

Your choice? Choose the energies that serve you. Choose service to your own life. Start with forgiveness and loving kindness toward your own insecurities, your feelings of not being good enough (Wolf from a Jungian understanding). Allow your hunger for something more peaceful, contented and beloved take you toward those thoughts, feelings and emotional wisdoms that provide you with refuge.

Take a deep breath. Watch whatever does not serve your life fall away like Snow flakes.
Now, this is a Full Moon meditation worthy of its name!
Image demonstrates a healing of self, healing of planet

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