Action is Always in The Halls: Why I’m with B2BCyberConvention 

You’re an author looking for more exposure right? Short of taking off your undies on the beach, we’re all salivating to create more rush, push around our books...go to Events

If it happened in Newton’s time space I’d be that old lady over there, grey hair, still in shape but clearly, please, uh, Old. 

Good thing it’s not...Instead, the young and emerging, as well as the old and regurgitating join today for three days in April the 8th, 9th and 10th for a CyberConvention. 
Want a booth? Go to B2BCyberCon Fairgrounds and Backstage, join both by adding a new thread. That thread is your Booth. 

What to do with it and how to decorate? Start with a walk through the booths already up on the Map For more about The Map go to and check out your favourite genre. 

All writers, all genres welcome and by the way, since you likely love to read, tell all your reading friends about the great prizes, giveaways, quizzes, fun games, interviews, panel discussions, takeovers and more. 

Really, it’ll be a blast and you don’t have to even be present. You have your college reunion that weekend? Can’t get out of that party for those people? No problem. Set up your booth walk away and get back to the comments and new followers, new fans who eagerly await contact with you anytime after the 10th. But if during that weekend you are at your device and full of some kind of curiosity stroll on by, check out your booth, my booth and much, much more...

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