Visions led to first book for Science Fiction Author Massimo Marino. Listen as he reveals his path as Scientist with Soul on Soulsciences!

Massimo Marino's childhood included a penchant for knowing where the good stories were kept in his father's house. He never forgot.
As a young man his academic studies in science demanded all his attention so writing and daydreaming lay in the background.
Then a sudden eruption from the Unconscious, a Vision, threw him into a writing frenzy that poured forth as he bent over his desk. For three days he wrote non-stop and from it emerged his first book, Daimones. He hasn't looked back since that first vision.
Not content with being an author, Marino ground some his knowledge of books and marketing and co-founded a one stop hub of how to for Indie Authors. Need a copy editor? Lay out designer? Cover? Marketer? Check out and know your dollars are safe.

Listen in as Massimo Marino former physicist at Cern, describes his path as an author of best selling Science Fiction works and as co-founder of bookgarage. He bares his soul and combines this with science! 

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