Kate and Clair Everward One Sister Writes, One Sister Markets

Kate and Clair Everward decided to adopt a team attitude. One writes, the other uses her marketing background to create publicity for her sister's talent. Find out who is who in this fascinating interview with Kate and Clair Everward here.

For more on this directed duo, go here 

Fascinating Podcast Stouffville Yoga Life Isidora Romantini on Total Health and Wellness

Isidora Romantini continues her fascinating interview about her vision for supporting total health and well being in all who enter her studio. Listen in here

Healing, Health Providers, Yoga, Naturopathic, Wholistic all from Isidora Romantini and Stouffville Yoga Life

Stouffville Yoga Life, a Yoga Studio with a difference. You can feel the unique flavour of this Yoga Studio as soon as you walk in the doors. That is because the vision held by Isidora Romantini and her husband Martin concerns the total well being of all who arrive. Spiritual, mental, physical, emotional and intellectual health all contain ingredients toward a full robust life experience, so Stouffville Yoga Life provides support in all areas. Hear more here

Online Convention of Authors! Step Right Up and Get Into the Fairgrounds!

April 8, 9 and 10! Mark your schedules and put in time to enter our Fairgrounds, browse for Books, Books, and more Books at discount prices! Talk with authors, listen to podcasts as they describe their path to publishing, enter quizzes, play games and much much more all from the Comfort of Your Home!  Go here and start to explore the amazing world of B2BCyberConvention 2016!

Browse my booth called Memoir, Karma and Reincarnation here for easy to win contests and quizzes.

Brains to Books CyberConvention conventional Thank You!

As we prepare to launch the second annual B2BCyberCon, the largest CyberConvention known to, well, gnomes and elves, fantasy heroes and heroines, historical fiction figures, you get it...on April 8, 9 and 10 (this Friday, Saturday and Sunday) it's appropriate to give a special shout out to one particular person.

Angela B Chrysler is the Brain behind Brain to Books CyberConvention and a whole slew of other creative ideas on how Indie Authors can spread the word about their works. Check out Angela B Chrysler's great website here or find her on Goodreads Author page here
Thank you Angela for coming up with the idea and calling us all forth to contribute, invest in and
have fun with this great convention online!

Aurelia is the brains behind the Convention's Panel Discussions. To check out her handy work on Google + go here  or for the youtube presentation here
Or find her work on Aurelia's Virtual Book Club here  Big kudos to Aurelia Marie Casey!
Aurelia Marie Casey's Goodreads Author site can be accessed here

C.C.Rogers has created an amazing set of maps of our Fairgrounds. Look at her Goodreads author page here then cruise on over to the Map of our Fairgrounds here She has made navigating our Fairgrounds possible and easy! So many thanks to C.C. Rogers!

Joe Compton created an expression of his ingenuity called #GoIndieNow Check it out and a great big thank you to Joe for hosting round the clock live feed of our convention! Yes, you read that right!
Big hand of applause to Joe!

Dawn and Jay Norry of Sudden Insight Publishing took our show literally on the road with them to a live convention in LA! That's using tech at its best! Go here to explore their world of publishing for the Indie Author. Thank you Dawn and Jay Norry!

A.F. Stewart jumped in early and held on through the months offering fun interviews with all authors. Find A. F. Stewart here on Goodreads   Kudos A.F. Stewart for helping us all spread our words farther.

Finally Kori D. Miller of Back Porch Writers brought her considerable skills as an interviewer to the live podcast portion of our event. Check out her Goodreads page here   Cheers and great big pats on the back for your contributions, Kori!
Then if you're into podcasts check hers out on Back Porch Writer at BlogTalk radio here

That's the list of those who offered their skills and knowledge freely, their time and their energy unstintingly. Thank you to all above!

Science Fiction goes Funny with Mary McGuire

Mary McGuire's humour is contagious! So is reading her books which as she describes them are
"Douglas Adams meets James Bond: humorous science fiction fantasy action adventure with a bit of romance but no squelchy bits" Listen in here for more of her zany wit.

Fantastic Fantasy Author Tabitha Barrett describes The Third Throne Series and much more 10 min podcast

Tabitha Barrett author of The Third Throne series and participant in this years' B2BCyberCon (starting April 8th, going through April 10th here)

offers insight and revelations regarding the process of writing Fabulous Fantasy in this 10 min podcast here

Fabulous Fantasy Author Lil Surgeson Role Played her Way to Writing: Podcast Interview

Fantasy writer Lil Surgeson found her chops for writing fantasy by role playing characters, some from novels, t.v. and film and some from her own imagination. She finally put her own characters to work in her series The Black River Chronicles. Learn more here

Brain to Books Cyber Con Podcasts 10 mins with Marie Johnston

Listen in here as Marie Johnston describes in ten minutes her process, her publishing, her writing her latest book Demetrius the brand new start to a new series.

Then on April 8 9 and 10 go here for the best in book buys, browsing, games, quizzes, puzzles surprises and much more. Don't miss the lip sync contest, Cover Wars, and Panel Discussions at B2B Cyber Con 2016

B2BCyber Con Podcast : M.J. Kobernus with Blood in the Sand

Listen in as M.J, Kobernus from Norway describes his love of writing, his author icons and much more here:

Then switch it up at B2BCyber Con here  on April 8, 9 and 10

for the best in books, browsing, quizzes, puzzles, surprises and much more!