Depression and Meditation: Does Meditation Cure Depression? 

Although many people, articles, books, seminars want you to believe Meditation, especially in its current clothes as Mindfulness is a Cure for Depression, it just isn't true. What is true is Meditation in any form, Mindfulness, Visualization (see Medicine Buddha/Medicine Mind for more on this kind of Meditation) Reflection, Contemplation, Study and Writing (both of these are meditations) will dredge at some point whatever remains below the surface.

Whatever you have tried to leave behind, whatever you have abandoned arises whether that is the dark corpses of childhood abuse, or the successful, happy side of yourself this unfelt, unlived side will rise.

It will rise at a point when you really are ready to take it on, whether you see that or not. That's where a good meditation teacher (not one promising only blue lights and flashing insights) will help you stay steady in the midst of what may feel like a storm.

For more on depression and meditation read this insightful article:

And remember: when depression rises, don't push it away. It is a movement of the heavens, a planetary force in the way of Saturn. You may just sit in it, noticing its different colours, its daily changes. If you take a small interest in depression, its formation and shades, its subtlety you will find it begins to change.

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