Memoirist Melissa Burch on War, Peace, Naturopathic Health, Mothering, Living a Vibrant, Full Life and more

This podcast interviews fabulous Melissa Burch, adventurer, creative dynamo, feminist on her fantastic memoirMelissa Burch's fabulous memoir "My Journey Through War and Peace: Explorations of a Young Filmake, Feminist and Spiritual Seeker" describes this extraordinary woman's encounter behind enemy lines with insurgents, activists, and more. (See her website here).  After her unique journey Burch went on to claim a role in her native country as a Naturopath, again seeking ways to help and be of service. As a filmmaker, creative personality, Naturopath, spiritual seeker Burch exemplifies living life to the absolute full. Listen in here for how she has achieved so much in one life.

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