Fantasy Author Angela B Chrysler on Tales of the Drui Book Two: Fire and Lies

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Fantasy Author, Interview, Angela B Chrysler Tales of the Drui Fire and Lies

as Angela B. Chrysler continues her interview, part two, about writing, publishing, Tales of the Drui and much more.

Angela B Chrysler Fire and Lies Tales of the Drui Fantasy

Angela B Chrysler discusses her latest book Fire and Lies 
Listen in for more here.   part one of the interview
Fantasy writer, Angela B Chrysler Fire and Lies Tales of the Drui

David Brazier Spiritual Teacher of Love and Laughter, Zen, Animism, Nature Mystic, PhD and more!

David Brazier, Zen teacher, long time meditator, writer, Ph.D, head of the Order of Amida Buddha, a Pureland Buddhist community, writes about, experiments in and promotes cross cultural, cross religious understandings and insights.
Cover of one of David Brazier's ten books

Join us as David talks about his current home, La Ville au Roi, and much more here

Grief, Suicide, Time and Deathlessness in Daisy A Hickman's Memoir The Silence of Morning

Memoir Book Review 
The Silence of Morning by Daisy A Hickman

Letting go as a phrase used in meditation encourages meditators to release thoughts and eventually beliefs and emotions, allowing a natural sense of being in the present moment to rise and fall with each breath.
Daisy A Hickman’s deeply poignant memoir traces her steps through a life outlined by cultural expectations to her present, ever present state of personal depth which means separation from expectation and acceptance of an ever present now.
That she followed these steps because of the death of her only son by his own hand makes this memoir all the more remarkable and poignant.

Fabulous Fiction/Fantastic Fantasy writer Anita Stewart interview

Anita Stewart author out of Nova Scotia shares her thoughts on poetry, especially Haiku, prose, writing and much more here
Anita Stewart Haiku, fiction, fantasy, writers

See more of her works at her blog Are You Afraid of the Dark, A. F. Stewart