Enlightenment, Yoga, A Modern Yoga: Traditional Wisdom Today

A Modern Yogi Charu Puri continues her talk about her work, her life, her approach to meditation and more here

Yoga for Yogis? Best Yoga Styles, Enlightenment for Today

Charu Puri discusses her evolution as
A Modern Yogi, her life of miracles and meditation and more here

Best Selling Memoirs Lene Fogelberg Beautiful Affliction: Health, Healing and Her Writing

Here is the second part of Lene Fogelberg's Best Selling Memoirs Beautiful Affliction. Listen in to learn about this beautiful soul, her previous affliction and how she healed. Then get the book. You'll be glad you did!

Best Selling Author Lene Fogelberg's memoir describes her Beautiful Affliction, the Book and the Struggle

Beautiful Affliction 
Beautiful Affliction, Lene Fogelberg, memoir, health, fantastic memoir
The gifted author Lene Fogelberg reveals her writing process in this interview. Listen in as she describes her startling life challenge with such grace, you'd think her path had been easy!
Interview here