Meditation Silence Boosts Health, Get Quiet Now, Noise Begone and please Meditate!


Silence Boosts Mental Health 

Shshshsh…don’t make a sound! Silence, the new/old discovery, encourages growth of brain cells, especially in the hippocampus.
pic of hippocampus
This organ sits (silently we may presume) storing memories, especially those that will go in long term memory.

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For the second part of her interview listen in here as Isidora Romantini founder of Stouffville Yoga Life describes her passion for helping others achieve the best they can be.

Wellness Wednesdays Feel Better Now

Wellness Wednesdays

Feel Better Now!

             Right now what you feel matters. Your feeling in this moment affects your life, yes, but according to Gregg Braden “…The acts of meditation,
prayer and emotion are the key to success in changing the outcome, or altering the fabric of reality, as we know it.” So right now, change your
mind! It’s that simple. Reach for a more contented place.
 Remember when you felt good. Was it on the weekend, during the night, yesterday or last year; it doesn’t matter when, just reach for that memory and that feeling.
        Meditation like this begins to shape your life toward the positive. Before long you find your mind reaching for the best, the warmest, the most positive feeling in every moment. With that comes spontaneous gratitude.

Fighting and Writing: Martial Arts, Crime Stories Team Up with Kori Miller

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Fighting and Writing: Martial Arts and Writing about a Female Martial Artist podcast with Kori Miller


Kori Miller on the Womanly Art of Self Defence 

Kori Miller talks about her experience as a martial artist as well as her podcast The Womanly Art of Self Defence, a place where women learn much about how to take on any aspect of life. Listen in here

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Visualization  and Neuroscience

Just picture the cool shade beneath a canopy of tree covering. Feel for a moment in your mind 
the hint of moisture, the cooling darkness. 
Welcome to cooling your internal temperature! It's that easy. 
Our brains do not make the difference between what we imagine and what is physically happening. Therefore on a hot summer day, when you repeat to yourself how hot it is, you actually encourage yourself to experience the heat. 
Turn down the heat by imagining the opposite. Try the shade of this lovely glen! It really is that simple. 

Healthy Eating, Healthy Spirit, Healthy Life with Kathryn Kemp Guylay

Kathryn Kemp Guylay author of Mountain Mantras promotes healthy living through diet, exercise and a positive mind set. Revolutionary? No but as she says, easier to accomplish with her upbeat, humour filled approach. Don't miss our interview here!
Healthy Eating, Healthy Living through humour and love

Healing Helping Healthy Mountain Mantras by Kathryn Kemp Guylay

Healing healthy and helping are three words contributed to Kathryn Kemp Guylay, today's guest. Discover why, all the way from SunValley Idaho Kathryn Kemp Guylay attracts audiences, and keeps followers.
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healing health nutrition for body and soul