Flurry of Worry, DO Something with Worry, How to Reduce Worry

Flurry of Worry? DO Something! 
If you’ve taken a quick survey on yourself and discovered you devote many hours to the peculiar practice of worrying, well, worry no more.

About worry Dr. Alex Korb PhD has this to say in his latest book The Upward Spiral,  “…if you’re feeling anxiety, doing something about it—even worrying— is better than doing nothing.”

While I agree with Dr. Korb, here’s a more complete list of what to do with worry. The first thing is write down what bothers you. You may not do anything more with whatever's on the list, but the act of writing helps your brain believe you are more in charge. More in charge means less worry. And that's good news.
If possible move. Yes, just get up and change posture, change positions if you can. Breathe as you do this since focusing on breathing will help reroute the number of neural pathways away from worry and into being aware of how the oxygen goes in and out of your lungs. 
If getting up is not possible, because you are in a small room with a number of people in a meeting for instance, or in a car, try tapping your fingers and toes. You may try to synchronize the movements, or let them jazz it up, but either way you are telling your brain you want less energy devoted to worry and more to physical activity. 
Try humming a little tune. Humming in a low volume decreases the number of neuronal highways hosting your worry thoughts like VW's on the Autobahn. The humming will release some of those pesky thoughts dedicated to what you'll do if and when something negative happens. This release allows you to be more present by reducing the amount of neuronal space dedicated to worrying. 
Finally one of the very best things you can do to reduce your worries and improve your state of mind is daydream. That's right. Let your imagination go and find yourself in that peaceful place of beauty and quiet calm. Your brain will respond to this flight of fancy in exactly the same way as if you were really there, on vacation. 

Next time you find yourself in a flurry of worry, try any or all of these ideas: write down a list of what bothers you, move some part or all of your body, focus on your breathing, hum a little tune and imagine yourself in your happy place. It works! 

Children's Nutrition, Award Winning Book Give It A Go, Eat a Rainbow, nutrition book for youth, Alex Guylay

September 26th 2016  Give It A Go Eat a Rainbow

Alex Guylay at only thirteen years of age has already illustrated a book. That's right, a published book and one which has already garnered attention and awards. Listen to this gentle person talk about his art, his book and more here

nutrition book for young people, kids nutritional book

Award Winning Nutrition Book, Kids Nutrition Books, Kids Nutrition, Give It A Go Eat a Rainbow, Kids Books, teen illustrator,

Give It a Go Eat a Rainbow    September 26  2016

Alex Guylay just illustrated his first book. Nothing to startling about that until you see Alex is
just turned thirteen years old. He and his mother Kathryn Kemp Guylay together wrote and illustrated a book aimed at getting children interested in eating better foods.
The book, Give It a Go, Eat a Rainbow has won the Mom's Choice Awards for excellence as well as been in the top place on Amazon in their category. Alex agreed to an interview with me so click here and listen in
Alex Guylay illustrated this award winning book written by his mom Kathryn Kemp Guylay on how to help kids choose better foods

Healing, Positive Imagination, Visualization, Power of Visualization to Heal, Imagination Vacation

Imagination Vacation!

Right now give yourself an Imagination Vacation. Select one of your chronic worry items and exchange it for Imagination: see, feel, hear, touch, taste the opposite. No worry but the fulfillment of what you want.
You feel better right?
That’s because our brains do not make difference between what we imagine and what is physically present. So go ahead and imagine, well, every detail of the life you want. It’s a free Imagination Vacation!

Herbalist, Poet, Reader of Poetry, Poetry about Animals, Teacher Abrah Arneson

September 13th 2016 Herbalist, Poet, Reader, Teacher Abrah Arneson cont'd 

Herbals Body Landscape Abrah Arneson

For the second part of our talk about poetry and more, listen in here

Herbalist, Poet of Animal Poetry, Teacher, Meditator Abrah Arneson

September 12 2016  Herbalist, Poet of Animal and other Poetry, Teacher  

Discover her wisdom, herbal knowledge and more

Abrah Arneson studied with Cree women, Tibetan teachers, Western Mysteries teachers and has evolved her own system of working with herbs. Her book The Herbal Apprentice reveals her wisdom in connecting our bodies' landscape with the herbs. Her poetry convinces us she has the heart and insight of...well, a poet! Listen in here 

Meditation Workshop, Awakening, Enlightenment, Workshop

Wellness Wednesday
Meditation as the practice of Awareness leads to Awakening or Enlightenment. However, not all meditations are equal.
Lots of information and exercises about meditation are available on media, right? While that is true it is best to get your questions answered in person from someone who has meditated for many decades.

pic of lotus a symbol of attainment in meditation