Meditation Imagination Vacation!


Imagination Vacation!

Right now give yourself an Imagination Vacation. Select one of your chronic worry items and exchange it for Imagination: see, feel, hear, touch, taste the opposite. No worry but the fulfillment of what you want.
You feel better right?
That’s because our brains do not make difference between what we imagine and what is physically present. So go ahead and imagine, well, every detail of the life you want. It’s a free Imagination Vacation!

Our thoughts create the kinds of hormones, endorphins, all the tiny substances that flood through our bodies. When we imagine already having what we want, the substances we create buoy up a natural feeling of well-being and contentment. As you'll see here whatever our emotional state, our bodies respond.

What's exciting about this is how our brains do not make a difference between what is occurring in our physical world and what our imaginations bring to us! Therefore, when we imagine the life we want, having that new car, having the love of our life, experiencing that adventure, whatever it may be our bodies supply us with the feeling as though we in physical world have already achieved. 

As we experience this and as we practice this state, we share it without effort with everyone else. That's the secret of the Buddhist practice of Loving Kindness and so much more. 

So take an Imagination Vacation right now. For best results, practice regularly throughout today. 

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