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Wellness Wednesday
Meditation as the practice of Awareness leads to Awakening or Enlightenment. However, not all meditations are equal.
Lots of information and exercises about meditation are available on media, right? While that is true it is best to get your questions answered in person from someone who has meditated for many decades.

pic of lotus a symbol of attainment in meditation

Just as the best Yoga teachers are those who have studied, practiced and learned for more than a year or two, meditators who have practiced for at least twenty years bring the most clear information.
If you had the choice between practicing piano with someone who had taken a course or two at the Royal Conservatory and Bach in his sixth decade, whom would you choose?

Much of what you will learn on video and audio may be helpful in the short run but does nothing to signal to the human depth about the Path that leads to Awakening. This Path is definitive, it is trustworthy and it exists.
Learn more this Saturday at Meditation Works: Here’s How

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