Meditation You Can!


You Can!

You’d like to meditate, but it’s the wrong time. Or you’d like to meditate but your place is the wrong place, too noisy, too much distraction. Ah, yes, you’d like a peaceful, totally quiet place where you would, for sure, sit in ease and perfect your meditation practice.

For meditation practice to help you navigate the turbulence of your daily life, it is best done right in the center of the storm. Try to meditate while your family romps in the next room. Sit quietly yourself, letting the waves of sound roll through you. That meditation garners strength for today’s busy life.

It’s a deep illusion that the perfect time or place for meditation will come to you. Our minds’ ability to create perfection, and to give up whenever perfection does not arise, holds us back from so much, including beginning meditation practice.

Instead begin your practice within the busyness and imperfection. Arrive at your mat with all the distractions and chaos of your life and just try. With an uncompromising approach, discipline and commitment you will find the perfect quiet, the essential calm place where it has been all along—within.

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