Emotional Health, Letting Go for the Next Emotion

Wellness Wednesday October 26th

Depression or Expression: Emotions for Health

You want to live more fully, express more completely the energy of your most true nature. Just like the weather all emotions including happiness come and go!
 So no matter what you are feeling right now, breathe deeply and let go. 
Sorrow, sadness, grief, as well as contentment, joy and happiness all come and go. None of these states of being remains permanent and that is very good news!
Right now, simply check in. With great honesty, ask yourself, “What am I feeling, what emotion am I most close to right now?”

Understand "Letting Go" doesn't happen once. It continues to be a choice you make in every moment. As you learn to let go you continue to let go of happiness, of sorrow, of whatever you felt in the last moment. Gradually you are more able to focus in the present moment, again and again, letting go of the last one. 

Instead of feeling like you are meant to the “happy” all the time, and that if only you can (gain weight, get a boyfriend, master that asana, whatever your goal is), take time to come inside your body.  Come into your body and understand what you have missed. Emotional experience provides the doorway to living freely, expressing clearly, experiencing your true life. 
If you are at work, on public transit, in any public place where you do not want to “let go” promise yourself you’ll remember and attend to this moment’s emotion, later today. Even a few minutes makes a difference.
If you are feeling good, allow yourself to smile!

As you grow stronger in recognizing your emotions, as you find time and space to let yourself truly be in the emotions you are experiencing, you’ll increase in energy, vitality and in contentment with your life as it is.
For more on Emotional Health, register for the Emotional Yoga Workshop on Saturday November 12th 
at Stouffville Yoga Life. 
Between 2 and 4 pm you'll experience ways to increase chances of letting go, of releasing and being in the present moment. 
Sign on at 905-591-5433 See you there!

Author Mary Woldering, Spiritualist, Sci Fi Writer, Other Lifetimes,

October 24  2016   Sci Fi Writer Mary Woldering: Her Interview 

 Mary R. Woldering has created the questions and has self styled this interesting interview, then generously shared it with me here at Soulsciences. Her interest in the metaphysical field of other lifetimes, reincarnation and more infuses all she writes. Her fascination with dreams and what she calls prophecy weaves throughout her work. 

1.        Describe yourself in 150 words or less.
Writer of Mystical History series Children of Stone. Costumer, student of wisdom, never a master, companion, old soul, Wise MaMa, Crone (not your sweet lil' old granny) - I'm brash, volatile, vital & out of control. I'm wise in life but the lifelong search for peace has not cooled my jets. I'm a spiritualist and spirit hunter but down to earth and often salty. I thirst for more life and new adventures. At one time I was cataloguing what I called “past lives and connections” I still have all the notes. I've written them into a series.
My old identity song was "Little Old Lady from Pasadena" except I would never drive a car that fast.

In my Children of Stone series, I teach what I have seen in my dreams...many times what I saw became prophecy

100 years ago I would have been in a madhouse.

2.Tell us about your published books.

I have published the first 3 of a 5 book series.
Walk into history with MARAI: a humble, goddess-worshipping shepherd who becomes a god!
Voices in Crystal (CHILDREN OF STONE Book 1), Going Forth By Day (CHILDREN OF STONE Book 2) and (CHILDREN OF STONE Book 3) Opener of the Sky

Remnants of an alien race of gods, wizards, shape-shifters, heroic mortals, immortals, slowly transform into the gods of ancient days. Like ancient superheroes, they wander through the reality of legend, RESHAPING myth and history.

And It just MOVES!
It entertains, it romps, It leaps, IT HOWLS and it's just plain fun.
Palace intrigue, murder, madness, confusion, bizarre twists and plot turns...dangerous hookups, evil geniuses, punk sorcerers, traitors...

3.     Did you go the traditional route or did you DIY publish? I tried traditional in the mid 1980’s and got tired of the rejections. I realize now, the novel was not ready and I was not mature enough or settled enough to write it, so it’s a good thing.

4.        Where was your favorite travel destination and why? I like travel PERIOD. If I have the funds and the companionship I like just about any place. It’s more about who I am with and the situation surrounding the journey than the location.

5.        If you were a picture, which room in the house do you want to be in? The living room. I have so much living left to do!

6.        Is there anything in particular that you refuse to write about, such as sex or mannequins?
Refuse, no. Be any good at is different. I really would have trouble with standard Christian fiction or HARD erotica that lasted more than a few pages. Also sunny HEA Romances would be tough because I’m always finding something dark or complex…really anything FORMULA

7.        Do you belong to any critique groups?
Northeast Cleveland Writers Group (Kevin Chapman, moderator) That may not be the exact name of the group. It meets monthly and they help me + beta read.

8.        Name one thing on your bucket list.
The only thing is getting my books published and to sell well. The DREAM was for them to be made into a movie with Jason Momoa playing Marai before he gets too old. The first star I had picked out is too old now.  Maybe I would like to go to Egypt and the Middle East if there is any of it left by the time there is peace (if that will even be in my lifetime)

9.        In regards to writing, what are you working on now?
Book 4 Children of Stone – Into the Lotus and a steampunk crime spinoff novella with two Children of Stone Characters visiting another life called “Miss Hattie and the Hoppers”

What’s your favorite song right now? I like “Helios” by Matenrou Opera. It’s a Visual Kei song (Japanese glam/metal) I enjoyed their concert because the young men in the group look like cartoons or angels and work with orbs.
I took so much of my writing from the lyrics of Doors songs, because I used to play that music when I meditated. I would visualize things when I did.

“The Crystal Ship”
“The End”
“When the Music’s Over”
especially though … the song about ME “Wild Child” because she’s still inside me

All right
Wild child, full of grace
Savior of the human race
Your cruel face
Natural child, terrible child
Not your mother's or your father's child
You're our child, screamin' wild
An ancient lunatic reigns
In the trees of the night
Ha ha ha ha
With hunger at her heels
Freedom in her eyes
She dances on her knees
Pirate prince at her side
Starin' into the hollow idol's eye
Wild child, full of grace
Savior of the human race
Your cruel face
Your cruel face
Your cruel face
You remember when we were in Africa?

See more of Mary and hear her read from her latest book at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrpQk...

Emotional Energy, Enriched Living, Yoga and Emotion

Emotional Energy: Our Life Force

Wellness Wednesday October 19th 2016 

Most of us feel helpless in the waves of emotion that sometimes overtake us. We spend our time trying to put our emotions "behind us.” Yet the practice of Yoga is the practice of learning to release emotional energy, to free the flow of emotion. 

Too many of us practice Yoga as another way to invite our Will Power to defeat the natural flow of our emotions and energy, but the asanas are designed to help increase oxygen flow into areas that have formerly been shut down. What does shut down mean? For more go to www.soulsciences.net and click on Meditation   

Palliative Care, Hospice, End of Life Care, Dying, Conversations about Death and Dying : Stay, Breathe with Me, the Gift of Compassionate Medicine with author Irene Allison

Stay, Breathe with Me: The Gift of Compassionate Care October 17th 2016

Palliative Care, Hospice, Care for the Dying, not enough of us are prepared for what may face us, or a loved one in the last stages of being alive. Irene Allison and her mother have co-authored a book Stay, Breathe with Me, sharing stories of Helen Allison's lifelong career as Nurse, Hospice care giver and much more. Listen in here to find their story.

book cover Irene and Helen Allison Stay Breathe with Me

Breast Cancer, Meditation for Breast Cancer, Namgyal Rinpoche,Awareness, Neuroscience,Meditation, Dr. Richard Davidson of University of Wisconsin at Madison,

Breast Cancer Meditation 

In honor of Breast Cancer awareness month here is a meditation given to a room of students in the last months of his life by my teacher Namgyal Rinpoche.

Start with breathing and stretching gently, then sit comfortably.
Encourage feelings of well-being and calm within then imagine a pond of lotus flowers, fully opened at your Divine Eye or Deva Chakra.
demonstration of chakra colours in order

The Divine Eye or Deva Chakra is an energetic point in the centre of your head, behind where your eyebrows meet. When we meditate on this centre with the colour WHITE (as the thousands year old tradition of Tibetan Buddhism instructs)  we encourage one of the five main experiences of expansion of Consciousness.

In this meditation imagine a pond with lotuses floating beautifully through it, perhaps in pink, but whatever colour rises, at your Deva Chakra in the centre of your head behind where your eyebrows meet.
lotuses demonstrate the visualization to accompany breast cancer meditation

Imagine this for ten or fifteen minutes as regularly as possible to help prevent breast cancer. ALWAYS follow your doctor’s instructions, do self exams and have regular check ups.


Wellness Wednesday October 5, 2016

Spot Check

Take a moment right now to spot check on muscle tension within your body. Start at the top of your head and move gently, slowly go down through your body including your arms to your fingertips and your feet to your toes.Where you find tension, breathe in deeply, 
demonstrating deep breathing

scrunch those muscles even more tensely, then release breath and muscles at the same time. 

You’ll soon feel that lovely tingle of oxygen flowing through your body! Oxygen replaces the held tensions and you feel better!

The effect on your body will be about the same as having a massage, but with the advantage you can practice this technique anywhere—your chair, while walking, wherever you are. 
To deepen the experience try this autogenic training just before sleep. 
While lying in your bed, start with your feet. Scrunch them up and hold tightly as you take in a big lungful of air. Now release air and muscles at the same moment. Ahhhh!

Go to your calves, up through your thighs, and so on, scrunching and deep releasing with your breath each set of muscles in your body. If you come to your head and face and you aren't asleep already, start all over again. 

You'll soon find the benefits of blissful sleep, deep relaxation and increased oxygen flow can be yours.  

Flurry of Worry? DO Something!

Here’s a more complete list of what to do with worry. The first thing is write down what bothers you. You may not do anything more with whatever's on the list, but the act of writing helps your brain believe you are more in charge. More in charge means less worry. And that's good news.
If possible move. Yes, just get up and change posture, change positions if you can. Breathe as you do this since focusing on breathing will help reroute the number of neural pathways away from worry and into being aware of how the oxygen goes in and out of your lungs. 
If getting up is not possible, because you are in a small room with a number of people in a meeting for instance, or in a car, try tapping your fingers and toes. You may try to synchronize the movements, or let them jazz it up, but either way you are telling your brain you want less energy devoted to worry and more to physical activity. 
Try humming a little tune. Humming in a low volume decreases the number of neuronal highways hosting your worry thoughts like VW's on the Autobahn. The humming will release some of those pesky thoughts dedicated to what you'll do if and when something negative happens. This release allows you to be more present by reducing the amount of neuronal space dedicated to worrying. 
Finally one of the very best things you can do to reduce your worries and improve your state of mind is daydream. That's right. Let your imagination go and find yourself in that peaceful place of beauty and quiet calm. Your brain will respond to this flight of fancy in exactly the same way as if you were really there, on vacation. 

Next time you find yourself in a flurry of worry, try any or all of these ideas: write down a list of what bothers you, move some part or all of your body, focus on your breathing, hum a little tune and imagine yourself in your happy place. It works! 

Imagination Vacation!

Right now give yourself an Imagination Vacation. Select one of your chronic worry items and exchange it for Imagination: see, feel, hear, touch, taste the opposite. No worry but the fulfillment of what you want.
You feel better right?
That’s because our brains do not make difference between what we imagine and what is physically present. So go ahead and imagine, well, every detail of the life you want. It’s a free Imagination Vacation!

Fiction, Fabulous Fiction of the Future,

Adam Dreece continues his interview talking about his passion for getting gender details right, creating characters, his writing habits and much more. 

Cover for The Man of Cloud 9 interview with Adam Dreece

Fantastic Fiction, Future Fiction, Author of The Yellow Hoods series, Amazon Best Sellers

October 3  2016     Adam Dreece best selling author The Yellow Hoods and The Man of Cloud 9

Adam Dreece author of the best selling series The Yellow Hoods, graces our show today and tomorrow with insights into how he writes, why he writes and so much more. Listen in here for this
Amazon Best Selling author describe writing, his writing and his characters.
This pic represents the series the Yellow Hoods by Adam Dreece

Yoga, GABA, Yoga over Walking,

Isn’t Yoga the same as any gentle exercise, say, walking? The answer is no and science helps us understand why.
A study by Chris C. Streeter  on the effects of GABA resulting from walking as distinct from Yoga yields a positive baseline in favour of Yoga: Yoga produces more GABA than does the same amount of time walking.

Pic of Dendrite response with neurotransmitters

Here's what happened. Streeter found suitable subjects and randomly separated them into two groups: walkers and yoga practitioners. Each group practiced their exercise for 60 mins., 3 times weekly for 12 weeks.
In an article published in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, authors Chris C. Streeter, Theodore H. Whitfield, Liz Owen et al proposed an experiment. Subjects with no significant medical or psychiatric troubles randomly separated into a group who practiced Yoga and one who walked. Each group practiced their exercise for
60 minutes 3 times weekly for 12 weeks. Regular tests administered at 0,4,8,and 12 weeks determined for mood and anxiety.
Every subject had a magnetic resonance spectroscopy scan before the exercises began and upon completing the 12 week period.

It is true walking is an excellent exercise, however the brain results for Yoga excelled even that of walking. The study showed “The 12-33k yoga intervention was associated with greater improvements in mood and anxiety than a metabolically matched walking exercise.”

Results? The brains of those who practiced yoga compared with those who walked demonstrated greater calm, greater decrease in anxiety, greater ease of sleep, in fact every aspect associated with increased GABA. 

Why do we grow so stressed? What is causing an abundance of anxiety, deepening depression for so many of us?
Part of the response may be found in the Sabre Tooth Tiger Syndrome. In old times, way, way, way back, our brains pumped up for fight or flight whenever a threat, say a sabre tooth tiger approached. This was helpful because the fight or flight response made us ready to go to battle to save our very lives!
After the fight or flight hormones had flooded our systems, we generally spent much time grazing for food, staying in our shelters, walking long distances uninterrupted. In other words, we relaxed!
What's happening to us is the fight or flight signal goes on, say sometime in grade school, for that exam, that social encounter, that after school activity, or perhaps when all of these combine.
We seldom get encouragement for relaxing!
So we learn early to stay super hyped, on the ready and at some point our systems crash. The crash is in my opinion a way to prevent deep damage but most of us do not trust our bodies. We believe unless our will power is in control, the results cannot be right!
If we reverse this we find the beautiful body into which we are born completely capable of letting us know when enough is enough. Time to gear down and let go from waiting for Sabre Tooth Tiger!
Gentle exercise helps in this and now we know Yoga surpasses even walking in providing the kinds of response we need to let go of searching for Sabre Tooth Tigers.