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October 24  2016   Sci Fi Writer Mary Woldering: Her Interview 

 Mary R. Woldering has created the questions and has self styled this interesting interview, then generously shared it with me here at Soulsciences. Her interest in the metaphysical field of other lifetimes, reincarnation and more infuses all she writes. Her fascination with dreams and what she calls prophecy weaves throughout her work. 

1.        Describe yourself in 150 words or less.
Writer of Mystical History series Children of Stone. Costumer, student of wisdom, never a master, companion, old soul, Wise MaMa, Crone (not your sweet lil' old granny) - I'm brash, volatile, vital & out of control. I'm wise in life but the lifelong search for peace has not cooled my jets. I'm a spiritualist and spirit hunter but down to earth and often salty. I thirst for more life and new adventures. At one time I was cataloguing what I called “past lives and connections” I still have all the notes. I've written them into a series.
My old identity song was "Little Old Lady from Pasadena" except I would never drive a car that fast.

In my Children of Stone series, I teach what I have seen in my dreams...many times what I saw became prophecy

100 years ago I would have been in a madhouse.

2.Tell us about your published books.

I have published the first 3 of a 5 book series.
Walk into history with MARAI: a humble, goddess-worshipping shepherd who becomes a god!
Voices in Crystal (CHILDREN OF STONE Book 1), Going Forth By Day (CHILDREN OF STONE Book 2) and (CHILDREN OF STONE Book 3) Opener of the Sky

Remnants of an alien race of gods, wizards, shape-shifters, heroic mortals, immortals, slowly transform into the gods of ancient days. Like ancient superheroes, they wander through the reality of legend, RESHAPING myth and history.

And It just MOVES!
It entertains, it romps, It leaps, IT HOWLS and it's just plain fun.
Palace intrigue, murder, madness, confusion, bizarre twists and plot turns...dangerous hookups, evil geniuses, punk sorcerers, traitors...

3.     Did you go the traditional route or did you DIY publish? I tried traditional in the mid 1980’s and got tired of the rejections. I realize now, the novel was not ready and I was not mature enough or settled enough to write it, so it’s a good thing.

4.        Where was your favorite travel destination and why? I like travel PERIOD. If I have the funds and the companionship I like just about any place. It’s more about who I am with and the situation surrounding the journey than the location.

5.        If you were a picture, which room in the house do you want to be in? The living room. I have so much living left to do!

6.        Is there anything in particular that you refuse to write about, such as sex or mannequins?
Refuse, no. Be any good at is different. I really would have trouble with standard Christian fiction or HARD erotica that lasted more than a few pages. Also sunny HEA Romances would be tough because I’m always finding something dark or complex…really anything FORMULA

7.        Do you belong to any critique groups?
Northeast Cleveland Writers Group (Kevin Chapman, moderator) That may not be the exact name of the group. It meets monthly and they help me + beta read.

8.        Name one thing on your bucket list.
The only thing is getting my books published and to sell well. The DREAM was for them to be made into a movie with Jason Momoa playing Marai before he gets too old. The first star I had picked out is too old now.  Maybe I would like to go to Egypt and the Middle East if there is any of it left by the time there is peace (if that will even be in my lifetime)

9.        In regards to writing, what are you working on now?
Book 4 Children of Stone – Into the Lotus and a steampunk crime spinoff novella with two Children of Stone Characters visiting another life called “Miss Hattie and the Hoppers”

What’s your favorite song right now? I like “Helios” by Matenrou Opera. It’s a Visual Kei song (Japanese glam/metal) I enjoyed their concert because the young men in the group look like cartoons or angels and work with orbs.
I took so much of my writing from the lyrics of Doors songs, because I used to play that music when I meditated. I would visualize things when I did.

“The Crystal Ship”
“The End”
“When the Music’s Over”
especially though … the song about ME “Wild Child” because she’s still inside me

All right
Wild child, full of grace
Savior of the human race
Your cruel face
Natural child, terrible child
Not your mother's or your father's child
You're our child, screamin' wild
An ancient lunatic reigns
In the trees of the night
Ha ha ha ha
With hunger at her heels
Freedom in her eyes
She dances on her knees
Pirate prince at her side
Starin' into the hollow idol's eye
Wild child, full of grace
Savior of the human race
Your cruel face
Your cruel face
Your cruel face
You remember when we were in Africa?

See more of Mary and hear her read from her latest book at

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