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Breast Cancer Meditation 

In honor of Breast Cancer awareness month here is a meditation given to a room of students in the last months of his life by my teacher Leslie George Dawson. 

Start with breathing and stretching gently, then sit comfortably.
Encourage feelings of well-being and calm within then imagine a pond of lotus flowers, fully opened at your Divine Eye or Deva Chakra.
demonstration of chakra colours in order

The Divine Eye or Deva Chakra is an energetic point in the centre of your head, behind where your eyebrows meet. When we meditate on this centre with the colour WHITE (as the thousands year old tradition of Tibetan Buddhism instructs)  we encourage one of the five main experiences of expansion of Consciousness.

In this meditation imagine a pond with lotuses floating beautifully through it, perhaps in pink, but whatever colour rises, at your Deva Chakra in the centre of your head behind where your eyebrows meet.
lotuses demonstrate the visualization to accompany breast cancer meditation

Imagine this for ten or fifteen minutes as regularly as possible to help prevent breast cancer. ALWAYS follow your doctor’s instructions, do self exams and have regular check ups.

The foundation of neuroscience data about meditation and its positive effects on our brains comes from the labs of Dr. Richard Davidson, founder of the Centre for Healthy Minds at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. Dr. Davidson is a long time student of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. In some renditions, it was the suggestion of His Holiness some twenty years ago that the young Neuroscientist Dr. Davidson explore the effects on the brain of meditation. 

Through the wisdom of Namgyal Rinpoche comes the simple meditation above. Practiced regularly it will help strengthen breast tissue toward health. How does this happen? For more about how creating images in our minds affects our bodies, our health and even our sense of who we are, discover Medicine Buddha/Medicine Mind. The book is offered as a free audio in four episodes on this site. Go to Podcasts and scroll down to the bottom. There you'll find the book in audio version. 
Or go here  to order a copy for yourself. It's a short book and one that's easy to read. 

While it is true meditation has profoundly positive effects on practitioners, understand meditation is not the goal. Being able to sit for endless hours is not the goal. The outcome we desire is Awareness. Study, devotion, even exploration of a craft provide our minds with many desirable results. That's from a woman who has meditated and studied meditation for fifty years! 

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