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Wellness Wednesdays 

Emotional Energy: Our Life Force

Most of us feel helpless in the waves of emotion that sometimes overtake us. We spend our time trying to put our emotions "behind us.” Yet the practice of Yoga is the practice of learning to release emotional energy, to free the flow of emotion. 

Too many of us practice Yoga as another way to invite our Will Power to defeat the natural flow of our emotions and energy, but the asanas are designed to help increase oxygen flow into areas that have formerly been shut down. What does shut down mean? For more go to www.soulsciences.net and click on Meditation   

 Emotional energy lies inside your muscles, sinews, tendons, all parts of your body and responds to signals from the outer world. Further, your emotional signals are based in your personal history. This means you may respond differently from others when it comes to your own emotional systems. 
We are herd animals, so doing anything "differently" feels wrong. Consider our cultural obliteration of tears. No one feels comfortable crying "in public." What does this mean? 
Our culture wants us to always put a Happy Face on, whenever we are in the company of others. Yet we grieve, we feel sad, we hear world news and if we are not already fully desensitized, we feel sad about so much pain in so many places. 
We start to believe "If I once begin to feel my emotions, it'll be all over. I'll never get out of the (pain, sorrow, sadness, fill in your response)." In fact, once you get used to the flow of emotions, how sadness leads to calm leads to laughter, leads to sorrow, leads to grief, leads to...on and on, you find renewed energy in all you do in life. 
Being with emotions is the way through to a calm, steady and loving life. 

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