Wellness Wednesday Emotional Health, Letting Go for the Next Emotion

Wellness Wednesday 

Depression or Expression: Emotions for Health

You want to live more fully, express more completely the energy of your most true nature. Just like the weather all emotions including happiness come and go!
 So no matter what you are feeling right now, breathe deeply and let go. 
Sorrow, sadness, grief, as well as contentment, joy and happiness all come and go. None of these states of being remains permanent and that is very good news!
Right now, simply check in. With great honesty, ask yourself, “What am I feeling, what emotion am I most close to right now?”

Understand "Letting Go" doesn't happen once. It continues to be a choice you make in every moment. As you learn to let go you continue to let go of happiness, of sorrow, of whatever you felt in the last moment. Gradually you are more able to focus in the present moment, again and again, letting go of the last one. 

Instead of feeling like you are meant to the “happy” all the time, and that if only you can (gain weight, get a boyfriend, master that asana, whatever your goal is), take time to come inside your body.  Come into your body and understand what you have missed. Emotional experience provides the doorway to living freely, expressing clearly, experiencing your true life. 
If you are at work, on public transit, in any public place where you do not want to “let go” promise yourself you’ll remember and attend to this moment’s emotion, later today. Even a few minutes makes a difference.
If you are feeling good, allow yourself to smile!

As you grow stronger in recognizing your emotions, as you find time and space to let yourself truly be in the emotions you are experiencing, you’ll increase in energy, vitality and in contentment with your life as it is.

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