Beta Readers, Indie Pub Editors, Canadian History and More with Elaine Cougler

Elaine Cougler, former English teacher who knows her way around a sentence or two, gives over about Beta Readers and how she finds them for her books, Indie Publishing Editors, the skills of writing, how our minds move when we write or read, and her joys in writing The Loyalist's Wife trilogy about Canadian Loyalists history here.
Book cover for the Loyalist Legacy Elaine Cougler author of The Loyalists Trilogy

Praise for The Loyalist’s Luck:

“The Loyalist's Luck is a wonderful sequel!...It is a well-written, engaging story…”                                                                                   Denise at So Many Books, So Little Time

“--an emotional read! …you wrote the battle scenes in such detail, I felt as though I were in the midst of the horror and fear…”                                     Dale, an admirer

“From the opening of the first page, [Elaine] writes in a way that made me read with lightning speed, for at every turn of the page, a new drama, twist, or turn, was occurring…”                                                                Erin at Oh, For the Hook of a Book

When the War of 1812 is finally over William and Catherine Garner flee the desolation of Niagara and find in the wild heart of Upper Canada their two hundred acres straddling the Thames River. On this valuable land, dense forests, wild beasts, disgruntled Natives, and pesky neighbors daily challenge them. The political atmosphere laced with greed and corruption threatens to undermine all of the new settlers’ hopes and plans. William cannot take his family back to Niagara, but he longs to check on his parents from whom he has heard nothing for two years. Leaving Catherine and the children, he hurries along the Governor’s Road toward the turn-off to Fort Erie, hoping to return in time for spring planting.  
With realistic insights into the challenging lives of Ontario’s early settlers, Elaine Cougler once again draws readers into the Loyalists’ struggles to build homes, roads, and relationships, and their growing dissension as they move ever closer to another war. The Loyalist Legacy shows us the trials faced by ordinary people who conquer unbelievable hardships and become extraordinary in the process.

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A lifelong reader and high school teacher, Elaine found her passion for writing once her family was grown. She loves to read history for the stories of real people reacting to their world. Bringing to life the tales of Loyalists in the American Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, and Rebellion of 1837 is very natural as Elaine’s personal roots are in those struggles. She lives today in the heart of Ontario and is the descendant of Loyalists who lived through the times of which she writes.

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