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Wellness Wednesday 

Emotional Yoga

Why do we insist upon checking out someone else's postures during yoga?The point is not to replicate what someone else is doing, but to feel truly and honestly into all aspects of our own bodies, at that moment. That includes our emotional body! 

Even the teachers have completely different bodies, totally different kinds of experience of how they feel inside their bodies, unique and unparalleled life histories from yours. They may demonstrate a posture, but yoga means "Union."
 Union is the togetherness of you, the person you are, within your body, as your body is, right now.
Yet, during practice we often believe we are supposed to create the perfect pose as demonstrated by another.
Whether that person is a Yoga teacher, a friend, neighbour, spiritual guide or whomever, we often make the mistake of substituting what we know, that little powerful voice inside of us, for what appears in the outer world.
Emotional energy provides the guidance we all need to be complete in being both the small, sometimes frightened person we know ourselves to be and also the person we are sometimes in the world: confident, upbeat and in charge.

Yet until now we have had no direct guidance into how to experience, name and accept whatever emotion rises at the moment it begins. Until now we have only thought of Yoga as physical, or Meditation as somehow Spiritual. What do they share? They both encourage and include our emotional body, not as something to be overcome, but as the path  itself.

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