Wellness Wednesdays Emotional Yoga

Wellness Wednesdays 

Emotional Yoga 

Typically we try therapy for answers to our emotional life, but Yoga and Meditation both provide prompts toward our Emotional Life. The practice of Yoga and that of Meditation often raise emotions to the surface, emotions that need a deeper look.  

Now you can begin the trail to emotional answers by experiencing Emotional Yoga.
Many cyber sites dedicated to Yoga do explain how the asanas are meant to help you experience your emotions directly. Problem is our culture encourages “keeping in control” and sees any emotional expression as a sign of weakness. “Put it all behind you” rules our lives, both inside and out of the yoga studio. 

Emotional Energy is a Yoga in itself. 
A good yoga session satisfies your need for dopamine, that feel good neurotransmitter we all love. A good yoga session does so much to improve quality of life and the physical exercise offered is irreplaceable. During a good Yoga session, emotions may rise, or outside the studio emotional energies may begin to tug at your awareness. 

This awareness may lead to specific questions such as "why do I always feel such rage (jealousy, envy, rejection, abandonment, etc) in that circumstance or around that person?" 

Emotional Yoga involves learning how to experience whatever emotion wants to arise, how to watch it and express it safely. As you go more deeply into Emotional Yoga you will come to know that the deepest emotions, those which will take time to come through, will not be offered to you until you are ready. In other words, you are safe. Even if you wanted to dive in deep right away, it may not happen right away!
On the other hand, if the Depth has decided you are ready, get into Emotional Yoga to learn how to surf the waves that are about to cross over into conscious recognition.

Emotional Yoga does not demand physical postures, but does rely upon breath in the same way Physical Yoga does. What Emotional Yoga does is prepare you directly for those emotional waves that come at you when you are in the midst of life itself. 

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