Medicine Buddha/Medicine Mind last episode Neuroscience, Visualization Meditation, Imagination, Meditation, Healing with Mind,

Medicine Buddha/Medicine Mind      December 26th  2016  Episode Four  

Just in time for a quiet Boxing Day read, curl up with Medicine Buddha/Medicine Mind. Let yourself consider the uncharted oceans of how our brains work and what the tradition of Visualization Meditation has to say about our brains. Reflect upon the work of Neuroscientists who continue to explore and encourage the techniques of Visualization Meditation as proclaimed by Tibetan Buddhists, Ancient Christians and many more. Start your New Year with New Understanding!
Click Here to listen to the final section of Medicine Buddha/Medicine Mind 
Cover from Medicine Buddha/Medicine Mind an easy to read description of the parallels between Medicine Buddha practice and Neuroscience
read by author Charlene Jones. 

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