Wellness Wednesdays Benefits of Sun Spotting in Winter

Wellness Wednesday  

Benefits of Sun Spotting in Winter

Return of Sunshine, Health Benefits of Sunshine, Reduce Mild Depression with Sunshine  

In January those of us in the Northern Hemisphere gain 1.5 to 2 minutes of sunlight every day. Through February because of the Earth's tilt we gain 2.5 minutes of additional sunlight from the darkest day, December 21st. 

Although we're all aware of the dangers of too much sun exposure, new research provides the benefits of sun exposure, starting with a simple walk whenever the weather allows. Increasingly scientists agree the list of benefits from sunshine is long.

For now, just be aware that moderate sunshine on your cheeks helps chase the winter blues! 
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A recent article in Life Hacks tallies the benefits of spending a little time in the sunshine every day.
These include lower blood pressure, improved brain function and the easing of mild depression. But here's another tip. You don't have to wait until it's warm enough to venture out without being wrapped like mummy.
On any sunny day in January or February find a sun spot in your home. Sit for the few minutes it takes for the sun to pass through this spot. Turn your face to the sunlight and close your eyes. That's it. Just absorb all that delicious heat and light for a guaranteed winter pick-me-up.
Happy Sunning!

Wellness Wednesday  December 28th  2016 
Three Tips for Energize Your Holidays!

Now is the time to Take.

1/ Take a walk to rejuvenate your body after any holiday excesses.

2/ Take slow, deep breaths, at any time to refresh and regenerate every cell in your body.

3/ Take Time for you—to be alone, reflect or just sit and let your mind wander. Nothing quite like it for feeling  refreshed!

Whether you enjoyed every minute of 2016 or found many challenges, that year is almost over. Thank you for reading, for breathing, for being you! From Stouffville Yoga Life and Soulsciences comes this wish— May all the blessings of 2017 rain upon you and your loved ones!

Sea of Tranquility for Relaxation During Christmas Chaos      December 21st  2016

To keep the dazzle and avoid the frazzle of holiday excess, try this simple, easy to repeat Acupressure treat.
Use your fingers to feel lengthwise along your breast bone. Locate a dent about four fingers widths above where your breast bones separate. This dent is called the Sea of Tranquility.
Apply pressure with your fingers on the Sea of Tranquility for two minutes, while you breathe deeply. You may want to gently allow your head to roll back as you inhale and roll gently forward as you exhale.

Now gradually release your fingers. Instant relaxation! 
Use the Sea of Tranquility during the holidays and anytime to reduce stress and increase relaxation. 
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Another simple grounding technique involves the mound below your thumb. Hold your left hand lightly, or place it on a comfortable surface. Be sure your shoulder rests as well. Now take the thumb of your right hand and begin to massage with increasing pressure into that mound. Gradually release, switch sides and massage your right hand with your left. 
Soon you'll be able to massage either hand this way at frequent intervals through the day. That will add to increased relaxation and more enjoyment. 

Rhythm of Your Breath Affects Memory and Emotional Judgments. 

With the holidays just around the corner, and the dizzying number of events on your calendar, you’ll need all you can gather by way of helpful tools. This one, just breathing in through your nose, improves memory (to get all those last minute gifts for all those on your list) and brings an increased tendency to read clearly the emotions of others and make the right choice in response.

It’s as simple as closing your mouth and opening your nostrils. Research now shows if you breathe in through your nose, you improve your ability to distinguish emotional reactions in others. Breathe in and you give your memory a large boost. Breathe in and breathe out to improve your memory, but remember: no mouth breathing!
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 The study found that individuals who breathed in and out through their nostrils showed significant increase in electrical brain activity in areas associated with emotional judgment and memory. This means that your chosen lifestyle of meditation and yoga brings even more benefits: increased memory and enhanced emotional awareness.

What this means in daily life is the more you practice your ability to stay grounded in the moment, when you find yourself in a tricky emotional corner, you’ll  be more likely to breathe in consciously, lighting up the parts of your brain that recognize emotions in others. This gives you the split second needed to make a good choice in how to respond. 

In every article consulted, including this one researchers cite the production of Nitric Oxide, generated in our sinuses as well as other areas,  as a powerful aid in fighting viruses, parasitic organisms, and malignant cells in the airways and lungs by inactivating their respiratory chain enzymes. More benefits ring through the article but for now, keep in mind: the benefits of breathing gently, slowly and with conscious awareness accrue to those who practice nasal breathing! 

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