Podcast Diane Pomerantz Lost in the Reflecting Pool

Lost in the Reflecting Pool: Diane Pomerantz
Dec. 18  2017

healthy relating, breast cancer, growing awareness of narcissistic partner, establishing healthy boundaries, marriage dissolves and she triumphs,

Diane Pomerantz's memoir Lost in the Reflecting Pool describes her growing recognition of her need to establish powerful boundaries. As is so often true, she only realizes this through the painful process of a divorce, leaving her with two small children, little to no income and the need to recover from breast cancer. Lost in the Reflecting Pool not only describes the shadowy path of so many women in relationships, wavering before the light of the man, but more importantly situates her journey in the growing body of books depicting the amazing strength and determination of women.

Podcast Nancy Richards Mother I Don't Forgive You

Mother I Don't Forgive You  by Nancy Richards 

Dec 11  2017
Healing without Forgiveness, Forgiveness Not Necessary,

Our cultural meme is forgiveness heals. We believe this so strongly we measure healing progress by the amount of forgiveness in a victim's story. Nancy Richards offers a different approach, one of clarity and compassion in her work on not forgiving. She articulates the power of letting go...even of the need to forgive. 
Healing Path of Non Forgiveness Nancy Richards 
Mother I Don't Forgive You 
Dec. 11 2017 

Healing without Forgiveness, Forgiveness Not Necessary,

Our cultural meme is forgiveness heals. We believe this so strongly we measure healing progress by the amount of forgiveness in a victim's story. Nancy Richards offer a different approach, one of clarity and compassion in her work on not forgiving. She articulates the power of letting go...even of the need to forgive. 

Podcast Linda Strader First Woman Fire Fighter

First Woman Fire Fighter: USA 
Linda Strader 
Dec 4/ April 9 2018

Linda Strader was one of the first women to join a firefighting crew, back in the 1970's. She had no idea she was not only breaking trenches around fires, but breaking ground for women. More fiery story here.

God Particles, Dust and Comi/Cosmic Housekeeping

God Particles, Dust and Comi/Cosmic Housekeeping
Ocrober 23 2017

What does Margaret Thatcher have in common with the famed Higgs-Boson so called God Particle? Listen in for a wild ride on the other side of the never to be seen positron known as the God Particle. 

podcast Catherine Sword about Clutter

The Clutter Cutter: a Chat with Catherine Sword about Clutter
Oct 16  2017

A light hearted look at the often difficult process of separating trash from treasure. Listen in for some helpful thoughts on the subject of clutter. 

BPA and All Good Things Eaten

BPA and All Good Things Eaten 
October 09  2017

I may bite my tongue on this one, but I took a tongue in cheek approach to all our concerns over food. Very important, these concerns, but a sense of humour keeps our keels even and our tummies happy. Listen in here for all things BPA from this woman's perspective. 

Sugars: the Key to Cancer Immune Therapy

Oct 2 2017

There's the song from Mary Poppins about how a spoonful makes the medicine go down and yes, sugar in right quantity and right timing has a pleasant after buzz, a little perk me up. That little up doses the tiny downs that may happen in a regular day: your friend didn't call (or did) your partner is in a bad mood (or too good a mood), you still want that raise, that promotion...well, anytime we feel just a little under loved we're liable to reach for the sugar of the world to fix the blahs. 
Trouble is, we do that without thinking and that means our thinking get tangled up with the sugar. Literally. Scientists, those pesky interlopers into all human flaws and failings, have run tests that indicate sugar, on a regular basis, reacts in your brain the same way that booze does. So when you've joked in the past about being "a sugar addict" you've been hitting the truth. 
Our brains, particularly the amygdala (old brain, seat of primal passions and as it turns out, rewards) grows differently under the influence of much sugar. The difference is akin to the difference seen in the brains of those overly fond of alcohol. 
What remains to be understood is how much is too much, and what happens to old amyg if I just take one? (cookie, not the whole cake!) 
And also in today's podcast a brief summary of some really exciting news about Cancer Immune Therapy. Professor Caroline Bertozzi gives a great Ted talk about how the cells in our bodies are coated with sugar. It's not the same kind of sugar as the stuff above, but is a chemical sugar and it coats all the cells. 
Our white blood cells Bertozzi explains, approach other cells and taste them. Yes, that's right, just take a big ole bite out of the cell's coating to see if the taste is palatable. If the taste agrees, White Blood Cell carries on, looking for the next taste treat. 
If the taste is off, horrible, not good, White Blood Cell calls in the cavalry, gathers up the missiles and launches an attack: this is your healthy immune system cleansing your body of foreign invaders. 

Every cell in your body has a kind of sugar called sialic acid. Why an acid is called a sugar or a sugar an acid, defies me, but this is what the scientists call it. Sialic acid is in every cell of your body but in cancer cells, the sugar known as sialic acid lies on top of the cell in great profusion. 
Think of a forest, gently swaying with the usual amount of greenery as the normal amount of sugar on your cells. Now think of the Amazon rainforest, deeply dense and compacted with greenery. That's the sialic acid coating on the cancer cell. 
Your immune system, the White Blood Cell, approaches and tastes this sialic acid, but instead of registering this as foreign and distasteful, White Blood Cell falls asleep! 

You recall the sequence in Wizard of Oz where Dorothy and her friends begin to run through the field of poppies because they can see the Emerald City? Then they grow sleepy and lie down because the field is a field of opium and only Glinda the Good Witch can save them with snow? That's almost close to what happens here. 

The White Blood Cells fall asleep but no Glinda is around so the cancer cells just grow and grow. 

Now scientists are finding a way to mow down the extensive green growth (the poppy field in my analogy above) mow it right down so the White Blood Cell then recognizes the cancer cell as bad stuff, and sets the whole immune system to launch. 

It worked for former President Jimmy Carter. That fine man was told he had late stage malignant cancer that had metastasized to his brain. It's hard to imagine more difficult news about your health. Yet he was treated with immune therapy and now his cancer is in remission! 

Some people are calling this the Penicillin Moment for Cancer. I fervently hope so!

Sugars the Key to Cancer Immune Therapy

Sugars: Key to Cancer Immune Therapy

Oct 2 2017

The exciting news from science indicates how sugars operate in cancer. This understanding leads scientists to hope for immune therapy, boosting your body's own immune system, as the best antidote to cancer. But first, a bit about the other sugars, the kinds we eat, all here. 

meditation, envy, desire, meditating for gain, meditation on envy, practice right now

 The Fairy Wand of Meditation

The ads for meditation tell it all: step right up and get your access code to everlasting peace and getting what you want whenever you want it. How real is that? What does meditation deliver? Listen in here for more from Soulsciences.

Meditation Emotional Fluency

Emotional Fluency 

Ever have the feeling your life is like the movie Ground Hog Day? Bill Murray makes the point in this film: every day may feel very much like the day before. At least from the perspective of how enriched and wondrous life can be, we may feel we're living in the "grey zone." 

That feeling, that something is off but you can't quite put a finger on what, belongs to our culture and our times. Some of it comes from the lack of emotional expression. We are taught from early on, girls as well as boys, to take our tears to our bedroom, don't let others see your nose all shiny from crying and whatever you do don't cry in front of them! 

Joy also gets tamped down and contained through parents saying things like "Don't jump around like that. Sit still" when every cell of our young bodies urges us to do just the opposite. 

These are gentle moments but added together create a mesh through which we begin to live our lives by pleasing others, by trying to be whatever it is others expect of us. And whatever that is, it is not being emotional! 

Emotions make us unique. Your emotional energies will ebb and flow in slightly different ways than mine. And if your emotional energies ebb and flow, your body will zing with good health and a vibrancy for living. 

Doctors and scientists know now that prior to many major illnesses, diabetes, auto-immune diseases such as arthritis, even cancer, many years of depression capsize life into a sea of darkness. The depression may not be something you can put your finger on, but a lingering feeling the parade of life has piped on without you. These deep emotions may be a prelude to any number of physical illnesses. 

That's because emotional energy carries the vitality of our life force. As a Chi master explained "When you have a trauma in one part of your body, say your arm, and your unconscious mind shuts out the pain, that shuts down the flow of energy. Soon oxygen, blood and lymph are also slow in the area. This may make that area ripe for disease." 

By learning to release our emotions safely and deeply, we simultaneously encourage the strong flow of vital energy throughout our whole bodies. When this happens you know this is how you are meant to live. 

Many people fear if they start with their emotions, anger, or despair, or sadness, it will never stop. But emotional energy, like any energy, ebbs and flows in a wave. By learning to ride the wave, consciously letting the energy flow through you as you let yourself express emotions, you discover how emotions like waves, simply run out of steam. 

This understanding makes it easier and easier to let emotions run through your body. As this happens, you discover an enriched and much more satisfying life experience. 

This is just a short introduction to the idea of Emotional Fluency. 
For more or to ask questions, feel free to email me at charlenej@rogers.com 


September 11th   2017

podcast Catherine Sword interviews Me on Gender, Identity, Choice, Choosing, Culture Clash with Gender Identity, Cultural History about Gender, Sex vs Gender

Catherine Sword interviews Charlene Jones 
Today: Gender and What Culture Allows 
September 4th  2017

Catherine Sword requested a series of interviews with Charlene Jones to discuss a variety of topics. Today we begin with Gender:Identity and What Culture Allows. Listen in  here for a general overview of a vastly under discussed, little understood topic: the explosion of Gender Identities.  

Gender Identity Explosions, Multicultural means MultiGenders

podcast Lene Fogelberg Beautiful Affliction.

Beautiful Affliction: Best Selling Memoir by Lene Fogelberg
August 28th  2017

Memoir, Health, Healing, Miracles, Lene Fogelberg

Lene Fogelberg learned early she had nothing wrong with her—except she couldn't breathe, had no energy, was fainting. Only when a chance check-up for a driver's license in the USA happened, did she learn about the miracle of her life. Listen in as she discusses Beautiful Affliction and the miracle that saved her and her family. 


Resilience, Redemption, Healing from Childhood Neglect/Abuse, Memoir, Beautiful Writing Laura McHale Holland

Orphan to Award Winning Author: Resilient Redemption 

July 31st  2017

Laura McHale Holland spent her early years escaping the abuse of her step-mother, trying to fit in with her much more financially advantaged peers, steering clear of some trouble only to land in struggle. Read this well written memoir for a moving narrative and a protagonist without a shim of self-pity who emerges finally as a loving, caring, forgiving mother and partner. Listen here for more about Laura McHale Holland, her take on the current state of the US, her role as a mother and much more.
Memoir, Childhood Abuse, Rising Above, Healing, Healthy Choices,
Hands Down the Best Instant Pick Me Up


A recent email from Sacred Science reminds me of the power of hands. We use our hands constantly, especially for cyber comm so remembering the power of hands, the chi, or chakra centres that glow with energy helps put us back into our skin, in this physical world.

Hands hold, touch, comfort, soothe and have the power to communicate deep love. Our hands supply our hearts with communication: I love you, I feel what you feel, your pain is mine, I am unhappy with you, not now and so much more.

Take a moment right now to push gently the thumb of one hand into the pad below the thumb of the other. Feel how that one spot of release extends through your whole body?

Looking at this funny graphic of how our neurons represent our bodies, you understand how pushing gently on that one spot registers all through your body, releasing, relaxing and extending vital oxygen, blood and lymph throughout.

So next time you feel a bit tight, a bit like you need a vacation, stay here, massage one hand with other and experience how much better you feel.

Poidcast Rebecca Whitehead Munn The Gift of Goodbye: A Story of Agape Love

The Gift of Good-Bye: A Story of Agape Love 
July 3rd  2017

When Rebecca Whitehead Munn's beloved mother is diagnosed with cancer the same time Rebecca struggles with a divorce and all the tugs and pulls of raising her two small children, Rebecca finds a strength she did not know she had. Following the death of her mom Rebecca's spiritual awakening occurs, leaving her more certain in her faith in a higher power, and life after death, than ever before. 
Rebecca shares some of her journey with us here. 

Spiritual journey, life after death, Grief, Grief as spiritual awakening

The Gift of Goodbye ranks SIXTH in this list of 15 great summer reads: 

http://www.workingmother.com/c ontent/15-hot-new-summer-beach -reads#page-7

Rebecca's home page: 

Memoir by Annette Gendler, German/Jewish marriage, Healing Memoir, Memoir Inspiration

Jumping Over Shadows: Memoir by Annette Gendler 

June 26th 2017

Annette Gendler speaks candidly about her relationship with her Jewish in-laws when they are informed their son, Harry will marry Annette, a German woman. Listen in here as author and memoir teacher Annette Gendler discusses writing her memoir Jumping Over Shadows.  
As a German woman her marriage to a man of Jewish lineage caused much uproar.

Memoir and How to Craft Memoir Stories, A Story that Matters Gina L. Carroll

A Story That Matters     by Gina L Carroll

May 29   2017

In her book A Story that Matters Gina L Carroll gently and clearly draws readers toward creating their own memoirs. In this interview she touches on topics of mothering, siblings, the craft of writing memoir, her favourite authors and more.

how to write stories into memoir, stories from Gina L Carroll,

for more great interviews go to Podcasts here. 
Two Israeli Sisters Crack the Publishing Code 
Oracle's Hunt follows The First 

May 22  2017

 These Israeli sisters living in the middle of war, continue to offer something to "better the world." One writes, one carries marketing, publishing, everything else and together they have created as their initial book The First (fascinating take on human evolutionary potential) and now The Oracle's Hunt.
Listen in to their discussion of writing and publishing here.

A romance, cytech thriller and crime story all in one

Change Maker Rebecca Austill-Clausen   

May 15th 2017

Winner of two awards and finalist for a third, Change Maker is making big changes! 
Change Maker took IPPY's Silver Medal for New Age/Mind-Body-Spirit; won Nautilus Silver for Death +Dying/Grief+Loss   and in Foreword Reviews is an Indie Finalist in Body, Mind _+ Spirit! 
Congratulations Rebeccas Austill-Clausen!!

Fairies? Elves in your garden? Findhorn and this author, Rebecca Austill-Clausen say yes to all the above. Austill-Clausen began by seeing the dearly departed humans from her life and moved on to notice the Fairy Kingdom. For more, listen in here

This is the cover for the book about Fairies, and seeing beyond the physical.