General Health Exercises for Eye Health

General Health 

Exercises for Eye Health 

Our eyes take in our world, but we often forget to include them in our quest for health and rest. To help your eyes, try these two exercises.

1/ Palming: find a spot in a darkened room. Put the palms of your hands around the bones circling your eyes. Arranging pillows to support your arms and hands will help. Rest for at least five minutes.

This exercise may feel uncomfortable. If so, reduce the timing until your feel at ease. If you can only tolerate five second to begin, that's fine. Gradually you may build into longer periods of time. 

2/ Sun your Eyes: arrange yourself in a comfortable position in a sunspot—any place where the sun shines directly inside your home. Close your eyes and turn your face directly into the sun. Rest with the sun flooding onto the outside of your eyelids for at least five minutes.

When we use our eyes we encourage our intellect just as when we focus on hearing, we encourage emotional flows in our bodies. If you want to rest your eyes during the day, try focusing for a few minutes on hearing the sounds around you. If your world demands much hearing, try shifting the focus to your eyes for a few minutes throughout the day. You'll reap the benefits in a more relaxed view (no pun intended) of the world! 

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