Dreams Nightmares and Healing, Healing through Nightmares

Although science reports on Nightmares as being more frequent in children between the ages of 3 and 6 years old, and although other scientific expertise claims nightmares to be associated with PTSD the truth is Nightmares Heal.

This is how it works. All dreams inspire the same chemical and hormonal response in our brains and bodies as if the events being imaged took place in the day realm. For example, if you dream of being on vacation, in a sunny place with the sound of the ocean nearby, your brain during that image produces the same calming, relaxing hormones as if you truly experienced the warm sand and the ocean spray.

Nightmares also produce the same chemicals and hormones as if you had the daytime experience. To have a nightmare of being chased and having nowhere to escape, your breath quickens, pulse increases and stress hormones like cortisol flow through your body.

How is that healing? When the stress is over, your body is actually stronger in some ways. Cortisol leaves in its wake regulated blood pressure and a heightened immune system. Therefore when your days have been stressful and especially when you have not had enough sleep, nightmares help establish a stronger baseline of health. 

Next time you have a nightmare watch your mood for the next 24 hours. You'll discover you feel better, more relaxed and more at ease in your world. That's the healing power of Nightmares. 

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