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Jumping Over Shadows: Memoir by Annette Gendler 

June 26th 2017

Annette Gendler speaks candidly about her relationship with her Jewish in-laws when they are informed their son, Harry will marry Annette, a German woman. Listen in here as author and memoir teacher Annette Gendler discusses writing her memoir Jumping Over Shadows.  
As a German woman her marriage to a man of Jewish lineage caused much uproar.

Resilient Ruin  Laura McHale Holland 

June 19  2017

The path from early childhood abuse to a stable, warm adult life remains a mysterious one but Laura McHale Holland has much to say about her experience growing up out of abuse into a life worth living. Listen in here

Yiddish for Pirates Raises the Flag on Humour

June 12   2017

Gary Barwin's fabulous jaunt through history, war, tragedy and very, very funny scenes all through the eyes and considerable beak of a Yiddish speaking Pirate has won this year's Stephen Leacock award. Listen to Gary here