Resilience, Redemption, Healing from Childhood Neglect/Abuse, Memoir, Beautiful Writing Laura McHale Holland

Orphan to Award Winning Author: Resilient Redemption 

July 31st  2017

Laura McHale Holland spent her early years escaping the abuse of her step-mother, trying to fit in with her much more financially advantaged peers, steering clear of some trouble only to land in struggle. Read this well written memoir for a moving narrative and a protagonist without a shim of self-pity who emerges finally as a loving, caring, forgiving mother and partner. Listen here for more about Laura McHale Holland, her take on the current state of the US, her role as a mother and much more.
Memoir, Childhood Abuse, Rising Above, Healing, Healthy Choices,
Hands Down the Best Instant Pick Me Up


A recent email from Sacred Science reminds me of the power of hands. We use our hands constantly, especially for cyber comm so remembering the power of hands, the chi, or chakra centres that glow with energy helps put us back into our skin, in this physical world.

Hands hold, touch, comfort, soothe and have the power to communicate deep love. Our hands supply our hearts with communication: I love you, I feel what you feel, your pain is mine, I am unhappy with you, not now and so much more.

Take a moment right now to push gently the thumb of one hand into the pad below the thumb of the other. Feel how that one spot of release extends through your whole body?

Looking at this funny graphic of how our neurons represent our bodies, you understand how pushing gently on that one spot registers all through your body, releasing, relaxing and extending vital oxygen, blood and lymph throughout.

So next time you feel a bit tight, a bit like you need a vacation, stay here, massage one hand with other and experience how much better you feel.

Poidcast Rebecca Whitehead Munn The Gift of Goodbye: A Story of Agape Love

The Gift of Good-Bye: A Story of Agape Love 
July 3rd  2017

When Rebecca Whitehead Munn's beloved mother is diagnosed with cancer the same time Rebecca struggles with a divorce and all the tugs and pulls of raising her two small children, Rebecca finds a strength she did not know she had. Following the death of her mom Rebecca's spiritual awakening occurs, leaving her more certain in her faith in a higher power, and life after death, than ever before. 
Rebecca shares some of her journey with us here. 

Spiritual journey, life after death, Grief, Grief as spiritual awakening

The Gift of Goodbye ranks SIXTH in this list of 15 great summer reads: ontent/15-hot-new-summer-beach -reads#page-7

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