Hands Down the Best Instant Pick Me Up


A recent email from Sacred Science reminds me of the power of hands. We use our hands constantly, especially for cyber comm so remembering the power of hands, the chi, or chakra centres that glow with energy helps put us back into our skin, in this physical world.

Hands hold, touch, comfort, soothe and have the power to communicate deep love. Our hands supply our hearts with communication: I love you, I feel what you feel, your pain is mine, I am unhappy with you, not now and so much more.

Take a moment right now to push gently the thumb of one hand into the pad below the thumb of the other. Feel how that one spot of release extends through your whole body?

Looking at this funny graphic of how our neurons represent our bodies, you understand how pushing gently on that one spot registers all through your body, releasing, relaxing and extending vital oxygen, blood and lymph throughout.

So next time you feel a bit tight, a bit like you need a vacation, stay here, massage one hand with other and experience how much better you feel.

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