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Your Life Path: Jennifer Monahan interviews Charlene Jones 
July 16th 2018
Shaman, Shamanism, Mexico trip, Life Change

What does it mean to live your life path? Is it possible to retreat while you live a daily life?
Jennifer Monahan author of This Trip Will Change Your Life interviews Charlene Jones, on these topics and more here.

Healing, Forgiveness and Healing, Healing Forgiveness, Healing Without Forgiveness .

Mother I Don't Forgive You: 

A Necessary Alternative for Healing by Nancy Richards 
July 10 . 2018 

Healing, Forgiveness, Healing without Forgiveness

When Nancy Richards discovered through therapy exactly how much abuse she and her siblings had been subjected to during childhood, she was assured by everyone from therapists to ministers to friends and relatives she had to forgive her mother. Nancy found this impossible, but in her acceptance of the impossible, found her way to healing. Listen in here. 

Retreat, Retreat in Daily Life, Your Life Path, Path and Obstacles

Jennifer Monahan, author of This Trip Will Change Your Life and host of Living A Courageously Authentic Life radio show, interviews me on Retreat, Living Your Path, Retreat in Daily Life and more. 

Listen in here for Part One: 

Fifties Food,

Fifties Food: A Cheeky Look at Our Past Food Habits
June 11 2018 

Do you remember Oleo, that white lardish stuff your mother pounded into a smear called margarine? Oh yeah and that orange tube of food colouring she added for flair? We survived, but just barely. For more click here. 

podcast Jennifer Monahan This Trip Will Change Your Life

Shamanic Healing Modern Day Ancient Rituals with Jennifer Monahan

July 24th 2017

Shaman, the Wise Healers who lived in every village, every town in past times, come to life in our time through Jennifer Monahan. A successful business consultant flying constantly to clients, when Jennifer takes a trip to Mexico, it literally changes her life. Listen in to learn more about this fascinating woman in her life journey to become a Shaman.
Then get her book
Shaman Healing, Natural Healing, Shaman's Journey, Training as a Shaman for more on Jennifer Monahan and her remarkable life. 

Breast Cancer Recovery, Breast Cancer Journey, Mindfulness and Breast Cancer, Breast Cancer and Mindfulness, Breast Cancer and Meditation, Meditation and Breast Cancer

Here We Grow a memoir
Mindfulness Through Cancer and Beyond
by Paige Davis 
May 28   2018 

Breast Cancer, Mindfulness, Recovery Journey

When Paige Davis receives her breast cancer diagnosis she immediately calls upon her training in meditation  to bring her into each moment of her journey. Through mastectomy, chemo and more Paige shares her journey in her memoir and shares more here in interview. 

Social Panic, Social Hysteria, False Memory, Memory and Identity Alice Tallmadge Now I Can See the Moon

Social Hysteria, False Memory, Memory and Identity: an Interview with Alice Tallmadge 
May 14  2018

Alice Tallmadge found her family ripped apart by social panic, a cultural hysteria she didn't even know existed. Listen in as she describes some attitudes of social panic: see if today's politics match suit. 

false memory, social hysteria, social panic, memory and identity
Join Alice Tallmadge at University of Oregon Knight Library  17th May 7 pm for her launch of 'Now I Can See the Moon'

Podcast: Interview Memoirist Joyce Lynette Hocker on Conscious Death, What Death may Teach Us, Death's lessons about Life

The Trail to TinCup: Love Stories at Life's End by Joyce Hocker 
April 30  2018 

Stories of Life's End, Good death, conscious death, dying well,

 Losing four close family members within three years, serving through their end of life care taught Joyce Lynette Hocker much about time,  love and more. Listen in as she relates the differences in how each of her four family members met with conscious death. Be inspired.   

Memoir Raising Myself living a fulfilling life after childhood abuse

raising myself : a memoir of neglect, shame and growing up too soon by Beverly Engel 
April 23  2018 

healing, memoir of healing, healing childhood abuse, healing chilodhood rape, inspiration, eventual triumph

Beverly Engel speaks candidly in answering many questions about her life, her writing (22 self help books to date) and her psychotherapy practice. Her memoir raising myself speaks to the profound neglect and abuse she experienced as a child and her current life speaks to the courage to heal and create a life of purpose and meaning. Listen in here.