Smile to Change the World
Jan. 15  2018

“Smile though your heart is aching/smile even though it’s breaking.” These lyrics from the lovely song of the same name Smile, from a Charlie Chaplin movie called My Girl says it all. You really do feel better if you just smile.

Our neurophysiology responds to our bodies and gestures with the same intensity as it does imagination which is to believe it as real. When you smile, especially if the situation seems dire, or hopeless, you signal the hormones of hope and the endorphins of inspiration in the same way as if the situation really did make you smile!

Practicing a smile, even a tiny one, by turning up the corners of your lips in a little Mona Lisa smile makes you feel a little better about every moment. And those moments add to a life of less stress, greater heart rate, and increased pleasure.  
But My Brain Had Other Ideas 
Living + Healing from Brain Trauma 
Jan 8 2018

REcovery from Brain Injury, Traumatic Brain healing, Healing from Brain Injury

Mathematics professor at Carnegie Mellon, wife and mother of two teenagers, Deb Brandon's life crashed when her body and as she would come to understand, her brain misbehaved. Diagnosed with Cavernous Angiomas, three brain surgeries later, Deb claims "my bloody brain brought me writing. For that I wouldn't go back." 
Listen to this remarkable woman speak of the changes in her life. You'll be inspired! 

Lost in the Reflecting Pool

Lost in the Reflecting Pool: Diane Pomerantz
Dec. 18  2017

healthy relating, breast cancer, growing awareness of narcissistic partner, establishing healthy boundaries, marriage dissolves and she triumphs,

Diane Pomerantz's memoir Lost in the Reflecting Pool describes her growing recognition of her need to establish powerful boundaries. As is so often true, she only realizes this through the painful process of a divorce, leaving her with two small children, little to no income and the need to recover from breast cancer. Lost in the Reflecting Pool not only describes the shadowy path of so many women in relationships, wavering before the light of the man, but more importantly situates her journey in the growing body of books depicting the amazing strength and determination of women.
Writer of the Week: Melissa Dee interviews Me! 
Jan 2nd  2018

All the way from Norway Melissa Dee video'd this 8 minute interview about Medicine Buddha/Medicine Mind. I talk about how the idea for the book came about, what surprised me in writing it and more.