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My Impossible Life: trauma travel & transcendence by Charlene Jones 

Reader Views Award Winner. 
Book Excellence Finalist in Memoir 
Readers Favorites 5 Stars 

Whistler Independent Book Awards

Charlene Jones has written a fascinating book filled with globe-trotting adventures and interior journeys through mystical landscapes. She shares her emotional exploration of eastern and western healing practices and comes through the fire of her trauma conscious and liberated. This book will inspire others who may wish to undertake their own healing journeys.


Amazon Top Reviewer Ken Korczak TopTenBookReviews—

My Impossible Life by Canadian-born Writer Charlene Jones Offers Profound Insights Derived from Epic Healing Journey (full review here: http://toptenbookreview.com/?p=2586)



Readers Favorites Mamta Madhavan—

Charlene Jones's story of healing and triumph will give hope to many readers…(full review here:



The Wishing Shelf Book Awards of the UK—

“A captivating memoir, intimately written…effective writing style…inspirational read.”

But My Brain Had Other Ideas 
Nov. 9. 2020 

Healing, Health Challenges, Brain Surgery, Post Traumatic Growth

When do the challenges of life exceed the bar of 'normal'? When you have been a Maths Professor for Carnegie Mellon, married with two children and your brain develops cavernous angioma or Bleeding Brain. Listen in to how this remarkable woman Deb Brandon has gone on to teach writing, to win awards for her own writing and to declare she is glad for the challenges and change brought on by what she calls "my bloody brain." Traumatic Brain Injury like you've never heard before— Listen in now!


But My Brain Had Other Ideas 
November 2. 2020 

Healing, Health Challenges, Brain Surgery, Post Traumatic Growth

When does a health breakdown requiring three brain surgeries lead to a better life? When like Deb Brandon you engage in post-traumatic growth. Listen as Deb describes how having Cavernous Angiomas helped her feel more alive than ever. This book is for everyone who has ever experienced the challenge of change: be inspired!


Where To? by Jennifer Monahan 
October 26th 2020

Adventure, memoir, living differently, adventurous living, authentic living, courageous living

When Jennifer Monahan began her journey into a new way of living, she left her successful career in corporate America, gave up her enviable apartment and most of her belongings to spend time in Mexico learning Shamanism. Her courage led to Guatemala where she explored ancients ruins and lived with locals. Not satisfied that her gypsy ways were complete, Monahan again left everything for one year on the road, following her heart's trail around the globe. She advises us to "remember: everything is impermanent." Listen in for more insight and wisdom from this remarkable woman, teacher, shaman and compassionate human being.


Summers of Fire by Linda Strader 
October 19th 2020

Linda Strader describes in loving detail the countryside of Arizona, a countryside she fought hard to preserve against fires. As one of the first female Firefighters in the US Linda also had to fight: sexism, blacklisting and much more.
memoir, women firsts, one of first women firefighters in US,
Listen in as Linda describes her Summers of Fire. 

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Stay, Breathe with Me: The Gift of Compassionate Medicine by Helen Allison RN, MSW with Irene Allison 
Oct 13th 2020
dying, memoir, helping people pass, compassion, compassionate medicine, letting go, letting people die

Along with her mother Helen Allison, Irene Allison stood watch over and offered compassionate care to those at the end of their lives. Helen Allison pioneered so much of what we currently know as hospice and fought to allow those who choose to end their lives, rather than endure unending suffering, as dignified as possible. Irene Allison compiled many of the stories of her mother, and of her own work, into this beautiful book. Listen in as Irene Allison speaks to this most important topic of compassionate care.

On Writing, Cindy Rasicot, Finding Venerable Mother, writing memoir, Mother/Daughter relationship,

Finding Venerable Mother A Daughter's Spiritual Quest to Thailand by Cindy Rasicot

October 5th 2020

finding spiritual mother, mother/daughter relationships, spiritual relationships, spiritual quest
 Cindy Rasicot continues to unravel how her memoir Finding Venerable Mother, which began as a biography of Rasicot's spiritual teacher the Venerable Dhammananda, ended being Rasicot's own memoir. We discuss the power of the mother/daughter relationship even when that relationship is spiritual, not biological. Listen in here. 

Sane in Pain by Josephine Jones 
helpful insights for our current time.
September 28. 2020 
TBI, pain as teacher, pain meditation, meditating on pain, how to meditate to ease pain, refocus,

My friend Josephine Jones and I discuss her experience of having a telephone pole fall on her head. Listen as she describes her symptoms of bi-polar, booze and drug abuse, and more before discovering the healing power of meditating with the pain and separating pain from fear. So much of what Josephine says in this podcast can help us today in our current time of change and uncertainty: focus on one wholesome moment. Join us in the middle of our conversation with this remarkable teacher whose spiritual insights will help you discover how to be Sane in Pain.
Then check out Josephine's website below— for more ways to stay sane, whether you are in physical or emotional pain right now, or just wondering how to steady yourself through these times.

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