Five Parallels Between #metoo, #timesup and Mass Shootings

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Feb 19th 2018

Five Parallels Between #metoo, #timesup and Mass Shootings 

1/ Men are in control. Men are in control in boardrooms, in production companies, in starring roles, in government. 

2/More men cause massive killings (98%) with assault weapons, than women, and more men rape (98.1%) than women.

3/ Men need power. Having an assault weapon is of course penile in its power metaphor. Having a penis that doesn’t work without violence means violence, or rape, is necessary for a sense of power through penis.  

4/ Lawlessness. The majority of law makers are men. These men do not make laws that appropriately punish rapists, nor do they construct laws that restrict properly acquiring assault weapons.

5/ Men must change, both themselves internally and the laws they pass to govern others. 

I love men. See my blog on Feb 19th, 2018 Meditation on Loving Men to understand how much I love men. My sisters love men. All the women in this world who have been raped, molested, betrayed by men, and that is in fact all of us, all these women are my sisters. My sisters and I have continued in large numbers to love men, raise men, comfort men, discuss, argue and stand side by side with men. It’s time men changed—both the laws and themselves.

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