Meditation Emotional Fluency

Emotional Fluency 

Ever have the feeling your life is like the movie Ground Hog Day? Bill Murray makes the point in this film: every day may feel very much like the day before. At least from the perspective of how enriched and wondrous life can be, we may feel we're living in the "grey zone." 

That feeling, that something is off but you can't quite put a finger on what, belongs to our culture and our times. Some of it comes from the lack of emotional expression. We are taught from early on, girls as well as boys, to take our tears to our bedroom, don't let others see your nose all shiny from crying and whatever you do don't cry in front of them! 

Joy also gets tamped down and contained through parents saying things like "Don't jump around like that. Sit still" when every cell of our young bodies urges us to do just the opposite. 

These are gentle moments but added together create a mesh through which we begin to live our lives by pleasing others, by trying to be whatever it is others expect of us. And whatever that is, it is not being emotional! 

Emotions make us unique. Your emotional energies will ebb and flow in slightly different ways than mine. And if your emotional energies ebb and flow, your body will zing with good health and a vibrancy for living. 

Doctors and scientists know now that prior to many major illnesses, diabetes, auto-immune diseases such as arthritis, even cancer, many years of depression capsize life into a sea of darkness. The depression may not be something you can put your finger on, but a lingering feeling the parade of life has piped on without you. These deep emotions may be a prelude to any number of physical illnesses. 

That's because emotional energy carries the vitality of our life force. As a Chi master explained "When you have a trauma in one part of your body, say your arm, and your unconscious mind shuts out the pain, that shuts down the flow of energy. Soon oxygen, blood and lymph are also slow in the area. This may make that area ripe for disease." 

By learning to release our emotions safely and deeply, we simultaneously encourage the strong flow of vital energy throughout our whole bodies. When this happens you know this is how you are meant to live. 

Many people fear if they start with their emotions, anger, or despair, or sadness, it will never stop. But emotional energy, like any energy, ebbs and flows in a wave. By learning to ride the wave, consciously letting the energy flow through you as you let yourself express emotions, you discover how emotions like waves, simply run out of steam. 

This understanding makes it easier and easier to let emotions run through your body. As this happens, you discover an enriched and much more satisfying life experience. 

This is just a short introduction to the idea of Emotional Fluency. 
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