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God Particle Dust and Housekeeping 
March 12  2018

Well today I want to talk about the God Particle. I want to but it might be difficult for more than one reason. The first problem is that physicists, self-respecting physicists that is, do not call the Higgs Boson particle, newly discovered in 2012, anything but the Higgs Boson. They avoid the term God Particle yet that is what we know the whole shebang by: God Particle. I’ll have more to say about that in a moment but now, another problem: the Higgs Boson or so called God Particle has never actually been seen. 

This is a curious fact about physics. Most physicists devote their lives to the pursuit of something not only they can’t see, but neither they nor anyone else will ever ever see. 
Having a bit of trouble with this? Consider. When your husband comes home after a hard day’s work and he looks around, he does not see dust. You have been cleaning all day and therefore there is no visible dust. However when he comes home from a hard day’s work on the day before you do the cleaning, he still does not see dust. 

Men have a genetic ability to not see dust and dirt that defies most women’s consciousness. I mean how long does it take before he notices the floor with its geological deposits of debris from last week? How long before he sees the swill accumulating around the toilet, how get the notion. 

Dust particle which women see and men do not

The Higgs Boson has been explained to Steve Paikin of TVO’s Agenda program by Sean Carroll in this way: Imagine you are walking through a room with Margaret Thatcher at your side. The large room is empty and so you both wander through at about the same velocity, looking about and perhaps sharing a word or two although if you talk more than that Ms. Thatcher would want to tax you.

Now, you will walk with Margaret Thatcher again, in the same room but this time it is filled with people who are all interested in politics.  This room, which used to be a field when it was empty, now with all the people interested in politics in it, is called the Higgs field and here’s the reason why: 
as you walk through with Margaret Thatcher everyone wants to talk with her. She stops to talk and small groups gather about her at each step, parting only after they have had the chance to say something like, “The people have no jobs and still you tax them, what’s up with that?” before she makes utterances about cake and floats to the next group. 

I believe we need a new breed of physicists, one comprised of housewives, women adept at locating and eliminating dirt and dust and various unwanted elements from places in their homes, women skilled at finding anything in the house, no matter who needs it or where they last lost it, we need the skills of a mother and wife who will find the damn particle and then, then we will call it the Housewives Particle. And the name will hold for everyone!

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