Podcast: Interview Memoirist Joyce Lynette Hocker on Conscious Death, What Death may Teach Us, Death's lessons about Life

The Trail to TinCup: Love Stories at Life's End by Joyce Hocker 
April 30  2018 

Stories of Life's End, Good death, conscious death, dying well,

 Losing four close family members within three years, serving through their end of life care taught Joyce Lynette Hocker much about time,  love and more. Listen in as she relates the differences in how each of her four family members met with conscious death. Be inspired.   


Memoirist Laura McHale Holland on writing, editing, growing up through abuse and neglect and much more

Resilient Ruins: Memoir by Laura McHale Holland 
april 16   2018 

memoir, healing abusive childhood, overcoming neglect, writing, editing,

Seven months after Laura's mother commits suicide her father brings home a woman he states is "mommy." Laura's ability to write about her abusive step mother and cold, dictatorial father results in her memoir Resilient Ruins, a book minus self pity or victim status. Give yourself a treat and listen in as she talks here about writing, editing, memoir and much more. 

Podcast: At Home on the Kazakh Steppe: A Peace Corp Memoir

At Home on the Kazakh Steppe: A Peace Corp Memoir  by Janet Givens

learning about others, writing memoir, award winning memoir, peace corp memoir

"Who benefits when we reach out to those who seem different? We do. It is to our benefit to get to know others who are different."  Janet Givens speaks about her experience, involving empathy and stumbling through at least two languages on assignment in the Kazakh Steppe. She also tells us what it took to write her award winning memoir, here.