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Your Life Path: Jennifer Monahan interviews Charlene Jones 
July 16th 2018
Shaman, Shamanism, Mexico trip, Life Change

What does it mean to live your life path? Is it possible to retreat while you live a daily life?
Jennifer Monahan author of This Trip Will Change Your Life interviews Charlene Jones, on these topics and more here.

Healing, Forgiveness and Healing, Healing Forgiveness, Healing Without Forgiveness .

Mother I Don't Forgive You: 

A Necessary Alternative for Healing by Nancy Richards 
July 10 . 2018 

Healing, Forgiveness, Healing without Forgiveness

When Nancy Richards discovered through therapy exactly how much abuse she and her siblings had been subjected to during childhood, she was assured by everyone from therapists to ministers to friends and relatives she had to forgive her mother. Nancy found this impossible, but in her acceptance of the impossible, found her way to healing. Listen in here.