Kathryn Taylor Healing Abandonment, Sudden Loss Healing, Healing Unexpected Loss, Triumph after Divorce

Healing from Sudden Loss: 2 Minus 1: memoir by Kathryn Taylor 
July 30  2018
healing unexpected loss, recovery from divorce, healing sudden abandonment
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When on a car trip with her husband to visit his dying brother, Kathryn Taylor learns suddenly her husband is leaving her. Her grip on life thins to almost gone but she rebounds through writing, through good friends and through the hope she offers here to all who suffer sudden, unexpected loss of divorce. Listen in here.

Daily Retreat, Retreat Leaders, Question Authority, Most Powerful Force in Universe and More here

neuroscience, visualization, imagination, healing, using mind to heal, healing with mind

This interview with Jennifer Monahan reveals ideas about how to retreat in daily life, how to cross examine potential retreat leaders and the name of the most powerful force in the Universe1 Don't miss this author's interview with me, Charlene Jones  here. 

Life Path, Finding Life Path, Retreat in Daily Life, Daily Life including Retreat, Living Your Authentic Life Path

Your Life Path: Jennifer Monahan interviews Charlene Jones 
July 16th 2018
Shaman, Shamanism, Mexico trip, Life Change

What does it mean to live your life path? Is it possible to retreat while you live a daily life?
Jennifer Monahan author of This Trip Will Change Your Life interviews Charlene Jones, on these topics and more here.

Nancy Richards Healing, Forgiveness and Healing, Healing Forgiveness, Healing Without Forgiveness .

Mother I Don't Forgive You: 

A Necessary Alternative for Healing by Nancy Richards 
July 10 . 2018 

Healing, Forgiveness, Healing without Forgiveness

When Nancy Richards discovered through therapy exactly how much abuse she and her siblings had been subjected to during childhood, she was assured by everyone from therapists to ministers to friends and relatives she had to forgive her mother. Nancy found this impossible, but in her acceptance of the impossible, found her way to healing. Listen in here.