Kathryn Taylor Healing Abandonment, Sudden Loss Healing, Healing Unexpected Loss, Triumph after Divorce

Healing from Sudden Loss: 2 Minus 1: memoir by Kathryn Taylor 
July 30  2018
healing unexpected loss, recovery from divorce, healing sudden abandonment
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When on a car trip with her husband to visit his dying brother, Kathryn Taylor learns suddenly her husband is leaving her. Her grip on life thins to almost gone but she rebounds through writing, through good friends and through the hope she offers here to all who suffer sudden, unexpected loss of divorce. Listen in here.


  1. Charlene,
    Two Minus One: A Memoir

  2. Charlene,
    I will be forever grateful for you sensitivity, insight, and support during this difficult interview. I would highly recommend any author trust in your knowledge, depth of feeling and capacity to lead the story where it will be most helpful-for author and reader-to go!