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Boot Language: Opera and Singing Meet the Wild West 
August 20 2018 

memoir, healing memoir, healing abuse, healing childhood abuse

When Vanya Erickson's Opera singing mother met and married her ex-military husband, the scene was set for something out of classic operatic tragedy. However through an instinct to focus on the positive, look for beauty and try to help others, Vanya Erickson earned her the way into a life of fulfillment. Listen to this author describe scenes from her well written memoir Boot Language. 

Memoir Raising Myself living a fulfilling life after childhood abuse

raising myself : a memoir of neglect, shame and growing up too soon by Beverly Engel 
August 13 . 2018 

healing, memoir of healing, healing childhood abuse, healing chilodhood rape, inspiration, eventual triumph

Beverly Engel speaks candidly in answering many questions about her life, her writing (22 self help books to date) and her psychotherapy practice. Her memoir raising myself speaks to the profound neglect and abuse she experienced as a child and her current life speaks to the courage to heal and create a life of purpose and meaning. Listen in here. 

Breast Cancer Recovery, Breast Cancer Journey, Mindfulness and Breast Cancer, Breast Cancer and Mindfulness, Breast Cancer and Meditation, Meditation and Breast Cancer

Here We Grow a memoir
Mindfulness Through Cancer and Beyond
by Paige Davis 
May 28   2018 

Breast Cancer, Mindfulness, Recovery Journey

When Paige Davis receives her breast cancer diagnosis she immediately calls upon her training in meditation  to bring her into each moment of her journey. Through mastectomy, chemo and more Paige shares her journey in her memoir and shares more here in interview.