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Gwen Tuinman on The Wild Nellies: 
Women Creatives 
november 26   2018 

While in a Yoga class Gwen Tuinman found a stream of inspiration arriving: she would organize a group of women creatives from all areas of the arts to perform for charity. Listen in to Gwen explain more about her creative idea and the reality it has become here. 

Cea Person, Author of North of Normal and Nearly Normal, Award Winning Memoirs in Canada, On Writing

North of Normal A Memoir of my Wilderness Childhood, My Counterculture Family and How I Survived Both 
Cea Sunrise Person On Writing 
November 19 . 2018

unusual childhood, success despite strange childhood, making a normal life after wilderness childhood

Cea Sunrise Person used the determination and strength of character evidenced in her memoir when it came to writing the book. After several rejections, which all said the story was very interesting, but her writing needed work, she got to work. 
Listen as Cea describes her choice of Point of View, our discussion of how memories change through writing them and much more, here. 

Cea Person North of Normal childhood in tipis, wilderness childhood, living in truck in childhood, abused child?, wanting normal, where is normal.

North of Normal: A Memoir of My Wilderness Childhood, My Counterculture Family, and How I Survived Both 

Cea Sunrise Person
Nov 12 . 2018 

memoir, wilderness living, counterculture, counterculture affects on child, growing up in wilderness

When her mother's boyfriend decides Cea Person must leave the wilderness that has been her only home she faces enormous turmoil. Through theft and sleeping in their truck, she endures her mother and substitute father's volatile relationship and much more. Cea emerges at 14 by taking on the world of modelling in Paris: by herself! Learn more about how her childhood shaped her current strength here.