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Ellen S. Jaffe On Writing
Dec 17 . 2018 

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When Ellen S Jaffe teaches she provides exercises such as what is the sound of blue? And when she writes her poetry she includes such imaginative richness as the time her grandmother spoke with Sarah from the Bible while both women were in the grocery store. 

You'll be glad to listen to Ellen explore her teaching writing, her writing, shamanism and the role of imagination here. 

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Ellen S Jaffe, Poet reads her Poetry 
dec 10 . 2018

Ellen S Jaffe, born in the USA emigrated to Canada via England in the 1970's bringing with her a treasury of potential poems. Listen in here as Ellen reads some of her exquisite work. 

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Gwen Tuinman Founder of The Wild Nellies On Writing
Dec 3 2018

When she is not promoted, producing, gathering and staging the Wild Nellies, or Women Creatives, to accumulate charity for Women's Shelters, Gwen Tuinman has time to write. She writes fiction and here she talks about fiction, writing and the cross over between her work with The Wild Nellies and her writing.