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Even If Your Heart Would Listen—Losing My Daughter to Heroin by Elise Schiller 
July 15  2019 
memoir, heroin addiction, opioid addiction, eating disorder, ED and addiction

Elise Schiller, whose daughter died of an opioid addiction, describes in this week's interview what to do if someone you know is suspected of, or is, using opioids. Listen in to this valuable and hard won wisdom on how to approach someone who is using opioids to save their life.  

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Even If Your Heart Would Listen: Losing My Daughter to Heroin by Elise Schiller 
July 8 2019 
memoir, losing daughter to heroin, opioid addiction, mother loses daughter, health system failed

When Elise Schilller's youngest child, her daughter Giana, died of an opioid addiction Elise began searching through Giana's medical records. What she found there, along with her own independent research into the most advanced methods for treating opioid addiction, describes how the most expensive medical treatment failed to provide Giana with enough support she would be alive today. Listen in as Elise discusses with balance and insight how the medical facilities failed to treat her daughter's underlying emotional diseases and how Elise has joined her city's campaign to bring education and awareness to all about opioid addiction.  

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Mama Mama Only Mama by Lara Lillibridge 
June 24 . 2019

single mother, single mothering, single parenting, memoir, recipes, humour

Are single mothers still women? Do single mothers write? If you are Lara Lillibridge, the answer to both questions is a resounding yes. Lara leads this fascinating discussion about how society views single mothers, how she terms her situation as "a family with two houses" as she offers insight on single parenting and how she handles being a woman who is a mother. Listen in to this 15 min podcast for insight and warmth from the unique and wise Lara Lillibridge.

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Mama Mama Only Mama by Lara Lillibridge 
June 17, 2019 

humour, memoir, single parent, post divorce woman, post divorce mother, laughter, recipes

When Lara Lillibridge found herself divorced with two small boys she did what any woman suddenly responsible for shovelling snow,mowing lawns, shopping, cleaning, night time scheduling, listening, cleaning, wiping tears, and all the other vital activities of being a single parent decided to do: she decided to write. And write she did: a blog, called Only Mama and now a book. Listen in as Lara describes how this book came into being and reads an excerpt from Mama, Mama, Only Mama.

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Summers of Fire by Linda Strader 
June 10 2019 
memoir, sexism on job, one of first female fire fighters, women's first, first women, fighting sexism

Linda Strader faced more than she ever believed in her efforts to keep her beloved job fighting forest fires. In the end she reconciled herself to understanding what exactly had stood in her way. Listen in as one of the first females to fight forest fires opens up about her career, her love of her job, and what tore her from it. 

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The Buddha Sat Right Here: A Family Odyssey Through India and Nepal by Dena Moes 
March 25 . 2019

memoir, travel memoir, inner journey, travel with family, travel to India with family

Ever think about leaving it all behind, just going off on a wild travel? What about a far away place, like India? Now imagine this with your husband and two young daughters with you. Oh my! Dena Moes expressive memoir commemorates the elaborate ceremonies around every street corner in India, some of the external struggles of hard travel but really focuses on her inner journey: toward the heart of her marriage, the core of her belief in herself and her Buddhist faith. Listen in as Dena relishes once again her memories of being where The Buddha Sat Right here. 

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Boot Language: Opera and Singing Meet the Wild West 
August 20 2018 

memoir, healing memoir, healing abuse, healing childhood abuse

When Vanya Erickson's Opera singing mother met and married her ex-military husband, the scene was set for something out of classic operatic tragedy. However through an instinct to focus on the positive, look for beauty and try to help others, Vanya Erickson earned her the way into a life of fulfillment. Listen in as Erickson describe scenes from her well written memoir Boot Language. 

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