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Pieces of Me: Rescuing My Kidnapped Daughters 
Lizbeth Meredith
Oct 29 . 2018

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When Lizbeth Meredith learned her daughters had been taken from daycare by their father and flown to Greece, she went into fix mode. With unwavering dedication and grit beyond imagining, she returned from Greece with her daughters. Then the work began. 
Listen in as Lizbeth describes the path to health for her two daughters and for her, after being torn apart. Pieces of Me: Rescuing My Kidnapped Daughters 

Bless the Mess by Charlene Jones 
Jan 21 . 2019 

That mess in your life—you know the one, it's always there, pops up when you least need or want it, and doesn't seem to ever go away completely—appears in our spotlight today. Listen in for descriptions of that messy area in your life and how to work your consciousness to let go and Bless the Mess! 

On Writing: Jane Binns award winning author of Broken Whole teaching writing, memoir writing, publishing

Jane Binns author of Broken Whole: On Writing
Jan 14 .  2019 

Jane Binns award winning author speaks about writing, her career in teaching writing and literacy in the 21st century here.

Broken Whole: Jane Binns on Dating after Divorce, Divorce, Separation and Dating, Relationships and Growing, Growing through Relationships

Jane Binns author of Broken Whole 
January 7th . 2019

dating after divorce, after divorce, love after divorce, growing, growth through relationships

When Jane Binns felt the constraints of her marriage bearing down, she took the courageous action to leave. Her book Broken Whole tells story after story of her dating experiences after her divorce. By turns funny, moving and everything in between, Binns regales readers with a raw, deep and relatable experience. Listen in as Jane Binns talks about her life, her loves and maturing.