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Threads Around the World by Deb Brandon 
Feb 18 . 2019 

 When Deb Brandon, Professor at Carnegie Mellon, began to write articles on textiles for her group, Weaving A Real Peace, she discovered her love of the beliefs and myths behind each thread. This book, a compilation of textiles practices from a multitude of countries speaks of the myths and stories of each country: read about Berbers with their belief that once a piece leaves a loom, it dies. When it finds its new home, it is reborn. 
A true book of Creative Non Fiction, it also reveals Brandon's life long association with textiles, from the Druze people who lived up the road from her family when they lived in Israel, to the pieces of exotica her father brought back from his travels. 
A fascinating interview awaits you, full of treasures about textiles and threads from the life of one remarkable woman. 

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